Monday, July 10, 2006

Kitchen - Day 1

Today I got a lot accomplished in the kitchen in a short amount of time. I love it when that happens! The way that happens, I've learned, is by staying on top of those routines, mainly the morning and evening ones (evening is especially important in the kitchen, as it ensures that your kitchen is ready for the next day). The extra things I got done are cleaning the shelves and decorative items in the dining room, cleaning the microwave and microwave cart (after supper, since some potatoes boiled over in there), cleaning the stove, wiping the inside of the oven door, cleaning the stove knobs and drip pans (in the dishwasher), and cleaning the sink and faucet. The sink and faucet were basically clean, but I got under the handles on the faucet, and around the edge of the sink where it sits in the counter. That little area around the sink always gets stained, like tea gets spilled there, so I have to clean it with bleach cleaner every now and then.

Today was our son Andrew's birthday, so we fixed his requested meal - fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I added baked beans and toasted some leftover biscuits (I know, that's bad to serve the birthday boy leftovers, but we all like toasted biscuits!). For dessert, Andrew asked for brownies and ice cream. Beth made the brownies this afternoon, so they were still warm after supper - mmmmmmm! I had a very small sliver of brownie with about half a scoop of ice cream to celebrate. Hopefully I didn't do much damage with that small amount of really sweet dessert!

Tomorrow I'm taking Beth and a friend of hers shopping in the US. We'll go down about 10:00, go to Wal Mart and the mall - and maybe a thrift store, if we have time - and come home around mid-afternoon. I didn't get up early today, but I plan to tomorrow so that I can get a little work done before we leave. I stayed up late last night with Wes as he watched a movie - Captain and Commanders, I think it was - full of action and suspense with no cursing or women. We've watched this movie a couple of times before, but Wes loves it, so we watched it again when we saw it was on TV. Anyway, I stayed up late with him and we both slept in this morning. Monday is our day off, so I figured it's ok once a week. But we're whipping ourselves back into shape tomorrow! ;)


Tori said...

I slept in a bit too on Monday. I'm usually wake up around 5:15 but today I slep till 6:30!!!

I'm scared to sleep in at all because I'm afraid my body will get out of the habit of getting up at 5 so I'm not allowing myself and sleep late days. Although I have to say, it's only 12 and i'm so sleepy. :o]

Susan said...

I know what you mean about being scared that a good habit will fall by the wayside!

Do you get to nap in the afternoons? Sometimes I can go without a nap, and some days it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. Hang in there!

Susan said...

I'm also stuggling with getting up earlier. It's so hard sometimes! I'm just a natural night owl. I get up usually by 8...but lately it's been a little earlier, as my pregnant bladder won't let me sleep past 7:30. I really want to start getting up at least by 6 everyday (preferrably 5), just so I have some quiet time to myself. As it is, we all have to jump out of bed and start running and spend all day trying to catch up. Very tiring!