Sunday, July 02, 2006

The July Habit

I dropped by FlyLady today, just for old times' sake. I unsubbed from her when I found Making It Home a few months ago, not because I don't like her, but the two were running together and I liked MIH better. I'll have to tell you later how things have changed at MIH. Anyway, the habit to reinforce this month on FlyLady is the bathroom swish & swipe. This is not the crud-busting, company's coming cleaning that we SHE's have to do occasionally, but an everyday wipedown of the sink and toilet to keep them shining, and which, incidentally, staves off the crud-busting, company's coming kind!

I have to confess . . . I don't swish the toilet every day! I do, however, wipe down my sink (almost) every day, wipe down the toilet every other day (dh and I are the only ones to use our bathroom), and clean the toilet bowl with cleaner (this is the swish!) once a week unless it needs some attention more often. In the main bath and the downstairs powder room, however, the kids wipe down the sinks and toilets every day. That's been part of their routine for years. I have one child cleaning bathrooms, one vacuuming, and one doing the breakfast dishes every morning. They rotate jobs every Monday morning. Lately, I've found myself slacking off on my bathroom swiping, and there are times that I have to remind the kids to wipe the base of the toilet (again), so in July I'm going to focus on making this a firm habit once again. My habits and routines are pretty rusty, so I'm ready to get back into action!


Tori said...

Well good luck, I'm sure you'll fall back into your old routine in no time.

His Grace Abounds said...

You are inspiring! Keep this coming :o).