Monday, July 03, 2006

In My House Today

I feel like today was a productive day! Yay! I got up at 6:30 in order to get ready to have my children at a sister church to help with their VBS by 9:00. That church is in Vancouver, about 20 minutes away, but morning traffic can make the commute far longer than that. So I left in plenty of time, never thinking that today was a day off for most people. Saturday was Canada Day, so most people got today off as the official holiday. Meaning there was NO traffic this morning! It was like a Sunday morning! At least they got there on time.

Back at home, I enjoyed some time to read my Bible and then check my e-mail. Then I tackled something that's been bothering me - a mountain of laundry! It took me an hour to get everything ironed that needed it. The bad thing is that most of the things needed ironing only because I'd left them in a pile! Why do I do this to myself? I've told you before about how easy it is to put away a load of laundry and iron what few things need it in just 10 minutes or so. But noooooo . . . Queen Procrastinator has to have her way! Maybe I'll remember this time??

After lunch I worked on some less active things. We're in our "hot" season right now, which really is hot without AC. It's nice outside, but very hot and muggy inside. So I save the quieter things for afternoon. Today I worked on some articles I write for a realtor, my Sunday school lesson, and some cross stitch . . . finally! I was having a hard time getting back into my cross stitch after our trip in May. It only took me a month to pick it up again! ;)

For dinner, we had grilled salmon (thanks, Honey!), roasted potatoes, corn, and garlic toast. No non-starchy veggies today; I ran out. Our daughter's piano recital was tonight, and after we got home I made strawberry smoothies - cold, thick, and creamy - mmmmmmm!

So there you have my day. Oh, I almost forgot to swish and swipe my bathroom today! Can you believe it? But I remembered when I went in to get dressed for the recital, and did it then. Took about 2 minutes. Tomorrow morning I'll do it as part of my morning routine, right after I get dressed. It's hard to re-establish a habit sometimes, but it can be done. How did you do today?

Image courtesy of Ladies in Red.


deb said...

I have ironing to do, too, and can't get motivated to actually do it. My downfall is that we have a laundry room with great hanging space, so all the clothes just hang there. And then...we end up ironing a piece at a time when we need something to wear! Horrible! I would love to see my laundry room completely empty of clothes and find them all ironed and in the right closets! isn't the day for that. It's a holiday, and I'm closing the laundry room door. :)

Mary said...

Yesterday my husband brought in the laundry!

and our daughter picked up her toys.
As far as me, I thought I was doing pretty good to put the clothes in the washer & out on the line. (LOL!)

Tammy said...

I love the little pic! :)

Yesterday I ironed for well over two hours! I didn't do it all at once though! It's far easier to throw clothes in a basket then to iron!

Susan said...

Deb, I'd be the same way if I had room to hang clothes in the laundry room! Enjoy your holiday - the clothes will still be there tomorrow! ;)

Mary, you ARE doing good to get them washed and on the line! Yay for your dh bringing them in!

Tammy, I know how easy it is to just throw them in the basket - I've been doing it now for . . . well, we won't say how many years! ;)

cherylharrell said...

Your meal sounds yummy. :) We don't iron anymore cuz it's too much of a hassle. Instead we pop the clothes into the dryer if they need to get wrinkles out. Once in a great forever I might iron out a wrinkle if it's too bad lol.

This may sound bad but my hubby does his own laundry. It started when we first got married 20 yrs ago. he complained I wasn't doing his laundry right. So I told him okay big boy if you don't like the way I do your laundry you can do it yourself. lol. He agreed that would be fine. So we agreed on he does his laundry & I do mine & whoever find dirty towels & dish clothes first does those. No more laundry disagreements lol. It must've worked well, cuz we'd been married for 20 yrs & have grown even closer as time goes on. I thank God for such a good Godly man... :)