Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good Morning!

I didn't get a chance to post anything at all yesterday. We were busy the whole day. Our older son had a friend over, who brought a movie with him (National Treasure) that we haven't seen. So I watched it with the kids. I spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon preparing a new series of Sunday school lessons - lots of flannelgraph to cut out. I also shopped for the supplies to make a Witness Box for each of the Sunday school kids. Each kit will contain some gospel tracts, a wordless book, a witnessing bracelet, and a prayer notebook. We'll take some time in each class over the next 5-6 weeks to make each component of the box and decorate it. I think the kids will enjoy making them, and in the process they'll learn several different ways to witness to their friends about their faith in Christ! Samuel's friend came over before lunch, so I made our normal Friday night pizza for lunch, and we just snacked for supper. Samuel's friend said he's never had such good pizza crust on a homemade pizza (I believe him - he ate 3 big pieces!), and he wants me to share my recipe with his mom. Now that is a high compliment! LOL

After a full day, Wes and I had a date last night. We didn't really know what we wanted to do, so we went down to Lonsdale Quay, then decided to ride the Seabus across to downtown Vancouver. We found a McDonald's and ate a sandwich there, then walked around a bit, rode the Seabus back over to North Vancouver, where we live, and stopped at Starbuck's. Wes got a Tangerine Frappucino and I got a cuppa tea. We didn't get home till 10:30!

My daughter did some housework for me yesterday without even being asked! She's getting so good at making things look nice around here. She mopped the kitchen floor for me, and she did some other cleaning upstairs. She also took care of some laundry for me. Thanks, Beth!

This week in the kitchen was productive. I got all my counters and cabinet doors clean, the stove and microwave cleaned, all the small appliances wiped down, the sink cleaned extra well, and Beth mopped the floor. I didn't get any cabinets organized on the inside. I'm beginning to think that job won't get done this month, even though it's one of my goals, unless I really, really tighten up on my time. That's where my afternoon routine would come in - gotta work on that. I'm scheduled to work at camp the last full week of July and the first week of August. That's Monday-Friday of both weeks. That leaves the week coming up to finish any goals I had for July. If necessary, I'll carry them over to August, when things begin to settle back down and my thoughts turn back to getting things ready for school. We'll see what happens. It's a work in progress: always room for improvement, and celebrating the accomplishments, no matter how small!


Tori said...

Your date sounds like so much fun. I love public transportation. :0)

Don't worry about the cabinets, they will still be there when your ready!

Tori said...
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deb said...

Hi Susan, I'm just getting a chance to catch up on bloglines after our week away! I always love reading your entries, but I'm only going to comment on this particular one (because of time constraints).

I would love to be there to help you with cutting out all your flannelgraphs, new lessons, and whatever you're doing for your class. I love busy work like that and would enjoy helping. So...if I ever visit you, save some for me to do :)

Susan said...

Tori, they are indeed still waiting for me. It would be nice if they'd just organize themselves!

Deb, I would be more inclined to get it all done ahead of time so we could visit and visit and visit! But I'll keep that in mind for when you come up!