Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Getting Into a Routine

It can be hard to get into a routine (or back into one). Actually, we all have routines; some of them just are not good ones! If I let myself do what I want to, my routine is get up, go downstairs and turn on the computer, read and surf the net till the last possible minute, start breakfast, eat, then back to the computer . . . sound familiar? Maybe not, but that can easily become my habit.

I've found over the years that my morning routine will vary once I get past showering and dressing. There have been times that the next thing is devotions. Other times, it's been fix and serve breakfast first, then devotions. Still other times, it has been exercise, then shower and dress, have devotions, fix breakfast. I'm not one who embraces change easily. I like the familiar. So every time I've needed to change my routine, I've resisted it. Right now I'm needing to change it again to include exercise. I'm thinking about putting in a walk right after breakfast, while the kids do their chores. The thing I've had to learn is that life is dynamic; it's always changing. Our routines need to reflect those changes, and we shouldn't fight making changes when we need to.

When you're first establishing a routine, it's probably best to stick with one until it becomes habit, probably about a month. Then, if it needs tweaking, don't be afraid to change things, but don't change so much that you get out of your good habits. My basic routine over the years has been to get up, shower, and dress to shoes, make the bed, and swish & swipe the bathroom. Those are the basics. They get me ready for the day and get my bedroom and bathroom in order so I don't have to come back to it later in the day (I will forget it, guaranteed, if I have to come back to it!). Here is my basic morning routine:

Get up
Fix hair and makeup
Dress to shoes
Swish & swipe bathroom
Make bed (if Wes is not still in it!)
Have my devotions
Unload dishwasher
Fix and serve breakfast
Computer time, kids' chores
My cleaning chores
Study for Sunday school and mid-week class

This basic routine brings me to lunchtime. I've always had trouble establishing and working an afternoon routine. I'm going to work on that this month. Tomorrow I'll tell you about my evening routine and the struggle I've had with getting that established. I'll give you a hint: I don't like to go to bed! LOL

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Mrs.B. said...

Going to bed is what I struggle with too!

Thanks for sharing your routine....I've been trying to establish one and with a little tweaking yours is a good starting point for me.