Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Evening Routines

I promised yesterday to tell you about my evening routine . . . or lack thereof. I don't like to go to bed. I do like to get up early and get the day started in a sensible way, not scrambling around, eating breakfast at 10:00, and realizing half the day is gone before we even get started good. One disadvantage that I have, as far as having a schedule, is that everything we do is based at home. My husband works at home, I am a stay-at-home wife and mother, and we homeschool. There is almost nothing that we have to be on time for! That probably sounds heavenly if your husband works an early-morning job, you have small children, or your children go to school! But when you don't have outside influences to keep you on somewhat of a schedule, you tend to just do things whenever, if you're a more laid-back family like we are.

So anyway, I like to get up early, but I don't have much outward motivation to do so. Therefore, I figure I can stay up as late as I want to, because I can sleep in if I need to . . . a vicious cycle. So what I've had to do is decide when I need to go to bed in order to get up fairly early. I like getting up around 6:00, because I can shower and dress, then have my devotions in a leisurely manner first thing in the morning. I've found that I don't have any trouble waking up at 6:00 if I go to bed around 10:30 or so. So that is my goal - in bed by 10:30. I think I've set this goal before, actually. See how fickle I am?

My "routine" for the evening has been to stay up till I'm dead tired, drag up the stairs, take off my clothes (of course dropping them where I stand), and drop in the bed. Most of the time I'm so tired by that point that I don't wash my face, I don't put anything away, I don't want to snuggle with my husband - just leave me alone and let me go to sleep! This is not good. We both need that time together at the end of the day. I've decided on an evening routine that I want to start around 9:30 to 10:00. Here are the components of my routine:

Turn off computer
Pick up living room
Check kitchen; make sure sink is empty and shining
Turn down bed covers
Put on jammies
Wash face & brush teeth
Snuggle with Wes

Wes is not a morning person, but he doesn't like to go to bed alone. Even if he's worn out, he'll stay up till I go to bed. I've found that, if I will begin preparing for bed, he will soon be in there with me, and we both get a better night's sleep. So it looks like I'm the one in charge of bedtime - POWER!!!! ;) It's taken me almost 22 years to realize this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I'm here from the Sparrow's Nest blog. I just love reading about home organization. I need lots of help in this area as I've been re-covering for the past 5 years from a long chronic illness. I have a very hard time being consistent in my homemaking. Today I almost got caught up with the laundry and I washed the dinner dishes-both of which I wish I could do every day but it's hit and miss. :( I deal with alot of discouragement about this. Blogs like yours give me hope that someday I can be organized and have a smoothly running home like I had when I was younger and first married.
Your blog is very lovely. I look forward to reading through it and I've already added you to my favorites. :)

Tori said...

Okay Susan, I think we're long lost sisters. *Ü*

You described my plight almost exactly, especially the laid back life style. We also, being missionaries have that problem well not Johnny but the kids and I do. I do get up at 5:30 but I loose most of that time blogging or cleaning up and then I'm rushed to do my devotion. Hmmm, I think today I'm going to work on my home binder and do revise my routines, or actually using them would be good. *Ü*

Thanks for the reminder and motivation.

Susan said...

Hi, Joanna! I'm glad you stopped by and that I could be an encouragement to you. It's only been in the past 6 years that I've had any kind of a handle on my housework, and more times than not, I drop the ball. It's always a battle for me. What got me started, partially, was that I was diagnosed with diabetes and I had to do something, even little bitty baby steps, to get things under control. I had 2 elementary aged kids and a pre-schooler at the time. Keep pecking away at it, do what you can, and as you gain strength, you can add a little more. Don't give up!

Tori, know what you mean about losing that early time to other things. I am learning to redeem that time, and as things come under control, it's easier to do that. I'm glad to know I have a buddy in the laid-back lifestyle! :)

Mrs.B. said...

What's hard for me is that my body likes the night time but I need to be a morning person because of my husband's schedule!

When I get up early I'm tired and drag....if I tried to do my devotions I'd fall asleep. I'm tired for most of the day and I think I'm going to go to bed early....but then at around 7-8 p.m. I get a second wind and I'm no longer tired! Then when I try and go to bed at 10 or so I toss and turn because I can't sleep!

I so want to change this....I think I might just have to live with being tired for a week or so and get my body-clock readjusted!

Lisa said...

Power! That cracked me up. I've started taking a shower a little while before I want to go to bed. It helps me sleep (well, lately nothing is helping me sleep but that's just stupid hormones)and when I wake up in the morning I can just get dressed without worrying about waiting for the shower. I've been sleeping in late, too, for the same reason (and not sleeping well at night lately) and it's a horrible feeling to get up feeling like half the day is gone. I agree with ya. I go to bed before you do, though. lol I just get back up around 1 and stay up til 5. sigh.

Susan said...

Mrs. B, I've been in your spot before! When my husband was on staff at our church in Texas, our pastor (who is a seriously morning person!) wanted Wes at work very early. So we tried and tried to be morning people. It's very hard to wind down when your body wants to keep going!

Lisa, I feel for you having problems sleeping! A few months ago, I went through several weeks like that, and it was miserable. I hope you can find your balance in there soon!