Friday, June 02, 2006

What's Cooking This Weekend

We're having a guest evangelist and his wife this weekend, so when I shop today, I'll just buy for the weekend, and then Wes said he'd shop for me on Monday for the first part of the week. I've decided to change my grocery day to Wednesday since we moved our church's mid-week service to Thursday. I do best for church in the evening if I haven't been out running around during the day!

B: cereal
L: hot dogs, macaroni
S: Chicken Alfredo pizza

B: French toast
L: leftover pizza
S: Grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, green beans, rolls

B: Biscuits with turkey sausage
L: Potluck at church - I'm taking Baked Ziti, corn, green beans, lemon cake, iced tea
S: Taking the evangelist out to eat! Yay!

The lemon cake I'm baking for Sunday is delicious! I got the recipe out of my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. It's a white cake with lemon peel added, filled with lemon filling, and frosted with butter frosting made with lemon juice instead of milk. I made it a few weeks ago, and my lemon-loving husband pronounced it a keeper!

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