Saturday, June 03, 2006

What a Day!

I literally did cook all day! Even with that, though, I didn't get the rolls done. We just didn't have bread at supper. I did make a pretty dessert, Tortilla Dessert Cups, that I'll have to share with you . . . later! Everything is done for tomorrow. I'll just throw the veggies in the crockpot, put the ziti in the oven, make a gallon of southern sweet iced tea in the morning, and we'll be ready to go. I hope you all have a good Sunday!


Mary said...

Oh, wow, glad you got it all (or mostly ) finished!

Take care!

Happymama said...

Would that dessert happen to have ice cream and mango salsa??


Susan said...

Happymama, this version didn't have ice cream or mango salsa, but that does sound good! LOL My son says the one I made would be better with ice cream, but that's because he doesn't like cream cheese. The one I made has vanilla or white chocolate pudding, cream cheese, and whipped topping combined. I'm planning to post the recipe with a picture tomorrow.