Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In My House Today

After several scorcher days here in Vancouver, today promises to be cooler, but still brilliantly sunny. These have been beautiful days! All that rain last winter is now a distant memory . . . although it won't get too far away, because in another couple of months, it'll be right back with us. We are deeply enjoying all the sunshine, and now that the temps are cooler, it's even better. We've been in the lower- to mid-90's a couple of days. I know, I know - it's just a couple of days. We're spoiled, ok?! And it's only the beginning of summer; there might be more of those days in store!

My flowers are doing well. I was afraid some of them might die - I'm always afraid of that when I plant something. I think only one has succumbed, and that is a small coleus. Otherwise, they are doing fine. My portulacas are about to burst into bloom! Two of them have beautiful hot pink blooms on them, and they are opening up in the sunshine! My miniature rose has one big fat bud on it, and my hibiscus has too many buds to count. I can't wait till these bloom too. Very exciting stuff for this brown-thumbed girl!

Today I need to clean my kitchen and buy groceries. I still haven't gotten used to buying groceries on Wednesday, so that isn't going very smoothly yet. I still need to make my list - yikes! I'm really frustrated with my tiny fridge, but there is no help for it. No larger size will fit in the space! I just have to keep it cleaned out.

I need to run. I just looked at the clock!


Tammy said...

My flowers are taking off too! I just wish my growing season was longer! Oh well, it makes me appreciate the growing season I do have even more!

Tori said...

Sounds like your garden is lovely. *Ü*

Mary said...

I was amazed how easy it is for flowers to grow! I used to jokingly say mom didn't give me or my sister her "green thumb" - I had a "black thumb"

but today I have (what i think anyway!) a lovely garden!