Friday, May 05, 2006

Tips to Declutter and Organize Kids Rooms

There is an article at OrganizedHome.Com entitled 8 Simple Tips to Declutter and Organize Kids' Rooms. Cynthia has some common-sense ideas to help corral kids' clutter, get rid of it, and teach your child how to organize his/her own things and maintain them!

Mrs. Catherine has also has an article on her site from Day 3 of her decluttering challege last year, concerning the children's bedrooms. It's written in her gracious style, of course, and it's full of practical advice for decluttering and keeping it that way. Here's another post from Mrs. Catherine just on decluttering in general that has some helpful hints in it.

On her Table of Contents page, FlyLady has some member tips listed with lots of tried-and-true suggestions for FLYing with every age group of children in every situation, even homeschooling. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for FLYing With the Kids!

Now it's your turn! Tell us what organizing strategies you've used with your children's rooms, how you've taught them to keep their things neat, or how you've decluttered and/or decorated their rooms. We want to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, thanks for your kind comment about our house on my blog - we are actually trying to sell the house as we are not keen on the neighbourhood.

To organise our kiddies' bedroom (the two girls share) we bought low cabin beds with drawers underneath. All their toys that won't fit in the little drawers are organised into boxes by type - i.e. dolls in one box, bags in another (my 4 year old has a thing about bags), etc. Some of the boxes are under their beds (on the side without drawers) in a neat row (we bought pretty pink boxes). There are some larger things - dolls pram, dolls cot etc in a cupboard upstairs. Jigsaws and other puzzles and games are kept high up because my youngest (23 months) likes to empty boxes!

My 4 year old has been learning to fold to keep her drawers neat. Her underwear, tights and socks are all in one drawer so it can get in a real jumble, so I put an old child's shoe box in to keep the socks together, all the underwear is in neat piles.

Our kids have an awful lot of toys as kind relatives rather spoil them so we have a big clear out quite regularly otherwise our little house would have no living space!

We have a little organise every so often as things do get mixed up. I also have a box in our living room that we keep the toys 'of the moment' in. These are then transferred back to their correct places when the box is full or they aren't playing with them anymore.

I'm going to do some pictures of the kids' bedroom next but I need to work out how to transfer them from camera to the computer. My other pictures were taken from our estate agent's website.

Carolyn said...

Nadda! I havent figured it out yet. Although with me I"m learning less is better, so I have this new rule now, if its on the floor of Nannette's room when she goes to school, I pick it up, and its gone!

seems to be working, I've only had to pick up a few times now.

Susan said...

Thanks for all this advice, Mrs. Blythe!!! I'd like to post these in an entry, if that's ok?

Carolyn, you are better at that than I ever was! I would always threaten to take things, and then never do it. I know . . . really bad to not make good on a promise!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry had to remove my comment. I posted it, then read it back and it didn't make sense. So here goes again:

Thanks Susan, you can use what you like in my comment, I'd be honoured. I hoping to post pictures of the kiddies bedroom on my blog, when I get chance. It looks so cute with their new beds and duvet covers. ~Blessings :o)