Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Time Management

This was posted on MIH earlier this week. It has some great tips, so I wanted to share it with you!

The Do's & Don'ts of Time Management at Home
Enjoy more time at home by following these tips:

* Do use a crock pot for meals. You can even buy crock pot liners to save cleanup time.

* Don't be a perfectionist. No one cares if your chrome is sparkling.

* Do turn off the TV. Multi-task if you must watch a show.

* Don't run any errands that aren't absolutely necessary.

* Do multi-task. Set the table while you're on the phone.

* Don't play on the computer. Limit your weekly Internet time.

* Do delegate tasks to other household members. Give up some responsibility.

* Don't forget to put a little fun in your life with your found time.

What's Time Got to Do with It?
One way to find more time in your life is to increase your energy level. Why? You'll accomplish tasks more easily and quickly and have more fun doing them. Try these energy-boosting ideas:

* Eat better. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, increase your fiber intake and drink plenty of water.

* Get organized. Being able to find things when you need them instead of tripping over clutter can be a great energy booster.

* Exercise. The more energy you expend the more you have. Take a walk whenever you need a jolt.

* Sleep. Get 7-8 hours nightly to avoid fatigue.

* Play more. Putting a little fun into your life can add a spring to your step.

"Clothesing" in on Summer
Try these simple tips to get your family's wardrobes ready for warm weather:

* Find a pen and some paper.?

* Go through each family member's closet and drawers to review their warm weather wardrobe. How many pairs of shorts do they have? How are socks and underwear holding up? Are last year's flip flops still in good condition and do they still fit?

* Do current items coordinate or is Sally's closet full of tops and bottoms that don't go together? If so, make a list of colors she has and what she needs to complete her wardrobe.

* Quickly list needed items for each person. Does Johnny need a pair of khaki shorts? Are you lacking in blouses for work or tanks for layering?

* Carry the list with you so you'll be prepared whenever you're out shopping.

Try This -- 1 Step to a Less Cluttered Home
The quickest way to make your home appear less cluttered is to clean off all countertops and flat surfaces.

First, gather a trash bag and five containers such as laundry baskets, boxes or bins. Label them: "give away," "put in another room," "put away in this room," "paperwork," "don't know." Indecision can frustrate you and make you quit trying to get organized. Therefore, anything you're not sure what to do with just place it in the "don't know" box.

Sort each item into a container. After clearing the surfaces in a room take a moment to clean the dust and cobwebs from your counters.

Then place the "give away" box in your car so you can drop it off later.

Next, take your "put away" box and begin returning items to their proper places in the current room. Remember, if you don't use it everyday it doesn't belong on the counter.

Then take the "put in another room" container and return items to their "homes."

Next, sort and deal with paperwork in your office.

Finally, go through the "don't know" box. This may be your biggest challenge. Ask a friend to help talk you through the process. Good luck!


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I loved your time management ideas!! I do a lot of those myself. The one I need to work on the most though, is not to be a perfectionst. I have to get rid of that all or nothing mentality! Love Ya!!!

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Wonderful post! So many good reminders! :o)

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