Monday, May 08, 2006

One-Hour Challenge

This morning Mrs. Cat issued a one-hour cleaning challenge to the MIH list. Monday is my "day off" so I don't have any specific cleaning chores to do, so I just looked around to see what needed to be done on this first day after the weekend (which means there's something that needed to be done!). I found plenty:

Folded and put away a load of towels
Started a load of mats and rugs
Made our bed (dh was still in it when I got dressed)
Spritzed the 2 bathrooms and powder room (mirrors)
Wiped down our washer and dryer
Swept laundry room, entry, front porch, and kitchen
Put away clutter in living room from the weekend
Cleared my desk
Re-organized my fabric stash (someone gave me some more fabric over the weekend)
Slip-stitched the lining in a purse

All of that in just one hour! Here's what I did for the rest of the day . . . my dh took me out for lunch in the little village where the ferry comes in, one of our favorite places. We had fun chasing away the sea gull who was begging for food as we ate. Wes finally threw him a piece of bread, but there was a vigilant crow who swooped down and got it before Mr. Seagull could get it. I felt kind of bad for the gull, but Wes said, "You snooze, you lose, buddy!" How heartless! LOL

I made a card for Mother's Day this afternoon. My daughter and I love to make cards, and I've finally reached the point that I can throw one together pretty quick, since I have several favorite designs. It's fun to think of the person I'm making the card for and what they'll think when they open it!

I sat down about 4:00 to cross stitch. It's a project I'm trying to do for a wedding gift, and I was trying to use what I had on hand. The colors I tried just weren't coming out right, so I went to Michael's and got the right colors and to Staples to get a printer cartridge for Wes. Back home to fix supper, then I called a friend from Texas who has just moved to Tacoma, WA, about 3 hours away from here (I get to see her in a couple of weeks!). By the time I finished talking to her it was 9:00, so I just wound the new skeins of floss onto bobbins while we watched TV.

I feel like I got a lot accomplished today, although as I look at the list of things I had planned to do, I only got one or two of those things done. As I began my day today, I asked the Lord to work out my day according to His will, so I'm satisfied with the things I did get done. I hope tomorrow will go just as well!


annewithane65 (Kim) said...
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annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Wow Susan, you were very busy!