Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm Tired

I am SO tired tonight. I feel like I need to do something, but I'm just lacking motivation. Everything I think of to do, I don't want to do! How's that for contrary?!

It's not that I did a lot today. Every day this week, I've had plans that I wanted to get done. And every morning I've given my day to the Lord, to change as He sees fit, and He has seen fit all three days. Today my dh asked if I'd take Beth to her piano lesson (which is usually on Tuesday but had to be changed this week). I didn't want to. But since my heart's desire is to be a help meet for my husband, I figured I should do it for him. So I took my cross stitch and worked on that during her lesson. I got a good 30-45 minutes on it.

After lunch, Wes sent me out shopping for my Mother's Day gift - a new perfume! I haven't had any kind of perfume in a really long time - I'm talking years here - so this is a nice treat for me. I found one I liked at Sears, but it was way too much money, so I went to Wal Mart, thinking I'd settle for something cheap, and you know what? They had the exact same perfume there for 1/3 less than Sears! From now on, I'll just go to Wal Mart. This is what I ended up with . . . Givenchy Simply Irresistible. When I used to clean houses with my pastor's wife, one of our customers had a Givenchy perfume, and I fell in love with it. I loved all the Givenchy scents I tried today, but this was my favorite. And Wal Mart has it for a much better price than Sears!

I did manage to get some housework done today, too! I worked in the kitchen, focusing on the stove. I cleaned the burner pans, and replaced the foil liners in them. Under the ring on the large eye, there was a bunch of burned on stuff. I've tried to quickly remove it before, but I knew it would take some elbow grease to get it completely off. I was reluctant, but remembering the things I've learned lately about loving my home, I slowed down and took my time. I have to quit trying to get through things so fast. After scrubbing with some dish liquid and baking soda, I finally got all that gunk off. The drip pans and rings still need to be worked on, but I think I'll take them one at a time - after all, there are only 4 of each - and they will get done in due time. I really don't have a huge chunk of time to get all of them done at once (soaking hasn't worked so far), so I'm just going to chip away at them. I was glad to get some work done before I left for Beth's piano lesson; it made me feel that things were under control even though I had to go out.

Supper tonight was beans; they cooked in the crockpot all day with a ham bone. They tasted pretty good, and finishing up supper was easy with a pan of cornbread and a pot of rice.

And now it's almost bedtime! Yay!


Anonymous said...

cheap perfumes aren't worth wearing.They smell well, cheap.

Rhonda said...

Isn't it great fun taking our kids to their music lessons? I took Eileen to her violin lesson yesterday. The teacher is really good, takes 1 hour and 20 minutes for the lesson. AARRGGHHHHH! Have you ever sat through a violin lesson??!! Someday I'll sit in Church and listen to my Baby play beautiful hymns and I'll forget all the hours listening to the lessons!

Hurray for the quiet days at home!

Blessings, R

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift for mother's day, I love Givenchy perfumes too. But I very rarely wear perfume - so it would be a waste on me. lol

Also, Susan I have added a link to your site from a post about my children's bedroom, I hope you don't mind.
Hope you had a good night's sleep! :O)

Mrs.B. said...

Hurray for Susan! I love to receive perfume for a gift. Some of my favourites are:

*White Linen by Estee Lauder
*Pleasures by Estee Lauder
*Chanel #5
*Aromatics Elixir by Clinique
*Happy by Clinique
*Bill Blass (It's hard to find but I still love it!)

I also like stuff from bath and body....especially the fruity smells!

Good for you!


Lora K. said...

Have you tried soaking the pans in hot water with about 1/3 a cup of baking soda and dish detergent? After about 15 minutes, you pick them up and barely have to wipe them clean. If you have greasy spots on the stove if you just sprinkle dry baking soda on it and let it sit for about 5 minutes the soda will absorb it all, I then use a soapy cloth to clean it with.

Mary said...

Anonymous, that is rude.

Your wal*Mart carries Givenchy? I wish ours did, I LOVE the Givenchy Pi for my husband, but our wally world doesn't have it.
Stetson is really good though.

What an awesome mother's day gift for you!
So funny I should read this, My Dh came home with Wild Musk Friday (our Anniversary), for me, because I had mentioned that I hadn't had it in so long.

I hope you & your readers have a great mother's day!