Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here's a blog entry by Carol of She Lives about time management from a decidedly Christian perspective (which is my perspective also!). She Cheats Time spoke to my heart as I read it this morning. In fact, I liked it so much that this link has been sitting open on my computer all day so I would remember to tell you about when I got a chance to sit down and write. After stating the obvious top three priorities of God, husband, and children, Carol tells us how she decides what her next priorities are:
The rest of the stuff got a little complicated. I had to decide what activities had eternal benefit and which ones were just earthly/fleshly desires. Once that was done, prioritizing the rest of the list was a snap.

After sharing several concrete examples of what has eternal and what has earthly value, she gives another "cheat" that she uses:

I made the decision to put God first. That means spending time in prayer and in study. I always pray before and after study time. My before prayer always has something along these lines, "Father, I'm giving this time to you. Because today's to-do list is long, I'm asking you to help me get it all done. I'm giving you some time now, but that means I'm going to need you to help me reclaim that time." So, here's another cheat: letting God control my schedule.

A couple of months ago, I realized that although I've been saved for 13 years, been in full-time ministry with my husband for 8 years, I had never taken my list of things to do in a day, laid it out before God, and said, "Here's what I'd like to get done today, Lord. Please use this for your glory, and change it where you see fit." How had that escaped me for so long? When I literally give my plans to the Lord, I really do have time to do all that I need to do and then some things that I like to do. So when I read this today, it was like the Lord underlining that in my mind . . . and I wanted to share the blessing with you! Please be sure to read the entire entry here.


Lisa said...

My, my, my. I totally forgot you had this blog. lol Now I know where to go when your other one has no new post. :) This was a wonderful one, by the way.

Tammy said...

Thanks for posting the article link! That was a very thought-provoking article!

Susan said...

Lisa - I try to keep up with each blog equally, but as you can see, that doesn't always happen!

Lisa said...

I think you do a GREAT job of keeping up with both. I check several times a day so I can't expect there to be a new post every time. lol

Mrs.B. said...

Oh my, I had forgotten that you had this blog too!

I will now remember it because I'm going to add it to my favourites!

Blessings Susan!