Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Decluttering Kids' Rooms

This is something I don't even want to think about - decluttering the kids' rooms - but that is exactly what Cat is doing on MIH this week. My daughter's room is very neat; she doesn't like clutter, so she keeps her room decluttered without my having to check on it. The boys. They are 17 and 14, so they should do it themselves. But their idea of decluttered is different from mine. Thinking out loud here . . . I should probably make a list of what I expect of them. Look at their room's hot spots, then write down what needs to be decluttered. They should be allowed to decide what to keep or throw away, but I need to have some guidelines for them on storing what they keep and how to decide what to keep. Set a time for them to declutter. Check to see that they do it, and that it stays reasonable decluttered. Thanks, y'all - it always helps to talk things over with someone! ;)

What are you focusing on today? My focus room for today is the kitchen - wipe down cabinets, countertops, clean out the fridge (seems like a neverending job), clean out and organize one drawer or cabinet, and mop the kitchen, entry, and powder room floors. Today is also my laundry day, which I should finish up with ironing. I also plan to spend some time cross-stitching and sewing a bit too.

Computer time. It's so hard to limit time on the computer! There are so many good things to see, so many interesting things to read, especially blogs. I've become addicted to reading blogs! So here's what I've done for time to read. In the mornings, after breakfast, each of the kids has a specific job to do. That is the time that I read blogs. Then my daughter needs this computer to do her school work, so I have to get off (a good thing) and do my housework. I have a time in the afternoon to do some writing, then in the evening I can do some more blog-reading and blogging of my own. On Tuesdays, though, Beth has her piano lesson, so I have access to the computer in the morning but not the afternoon. Now, this is the hard part for my thick head - I can do my computer writing in the morning while she is gone, but that means I need to do the housework in the afternoon while she's on the computer. It's all the same amount of time, but it's flip-flopped with morning and afternoon. I know the plan will work, if I just work the plan. I'll tell you how it went tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!
I am new to reading your blog but wanted to let you know how glad I am to have found you and how much I am enjoying reading your posts. I just finished decluttering my kids rooms last week. (I have a 6 year old boy and an 8 year old girl.) It's amazing to me how quickly we accumulate things. It seems that I just recently went through the house decluttering and already we have managed to acquire yes, MORE clutter. I think my biggest struggle is finding a home for everything. Unfortunately, there are many things in my home that never found a designated place. I am working hard to go through the house and find homes for all my stuff. Not an easy task but well worth it :). Thanks for your encouragement and for the laughs!

Susan said...

Hi, Brandi! I'm glad to have you here. I hope you'll continue to find a laugh or two and some encouragement. I know what you mean about finding a place for things. I might find a place, and then realize that something else needs to go there too. Then what?! It's a never-ending battle!

Happymama said...

Susan, I know exactly what you mean about the computer time. I've had to pull the reins on myself in that area. It's so easy to get caught up in the blogging world and emails and all the different things available on the web. It's a blessing and a curse all at the same time. LOL. But when you pull the reins, it gives you something to look forward to later, doesn't it?? I know this is terrible, but I get excited when I know it's my "computer time." LOL
As far as decluttering...UGH! Do you really ever get decluttered?? I try to do my children's bedrooms twice a year. More if need be. My biggest problem with my daughter's room is her having too many clothes, keep her drawers and closets in order. My sons are the same way with their closet. Sharing a smaller closet with two boys is difficult. But we're having a yard sale with my Mom this weekend so we're looking forward to getting rid of a lot of stuff. Fret not...you're not alone!! :) Love ya!

Mrs. Wilt said...

Right now it is pretty easy to deal with decluttering my boys' rooms, but...{sigh} I know that they will probably be moving into the same room in a couple of years and in the same boat as your boys. Any tips for keeping the assorted "stuff" at bay? I'd love to implement some routines, but am at a loss to know where to start. Any suggestions?

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Susan said...

Well, Mrs. Wilt, I'm probably not the one to ask for advice! I was horrible, horrible at keeping the boys' room decluttered when they were little guys. I would declutter, then think "that's done" and forget it for a while. Then one day I'd walk in there and it would be a pit again.

Maybe I'll look around a bit on the internet and scratch around in the corners of my brain and see what I can come up with and have a post about it. Anyone who has any suggestions, feel free to post them here!