Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Busy Day

Today was busy again, but this time, Wes and I had errands to run just south of the border in Washington (we're so used to thinking of "south of the border" as Mexico!). We took our daughter with us, and we had a pleasant half day in the sunshine. I took some cross stitch with me and worked on that while we rode. I got the most done at the border crossing, while we were sitting in the lineup for 30 minutes!

I had planned to do my kitchen work today. When we got home, I decided to wait on that. I'll probably do it tomorrow, since the plan is to be home all day. Hopefully that's what will happen! I did get Wes' and my laundry done, ironed and hung or folded and put away. I also studied for the class I teach on Thursday nights, made supper, and here I am. The past two days have just flown; I hear that that happens when you stay busy.

Tonight I'll be pulling out our older son's pictures and school treasures to begin making a display for his graduation. I want to make them similar to giant scrapbook pages, with patterned papers and some journaling. I'm not a scrapbooker, but I think I can manage to put together an interesting display. After all, this is a most interesting boy I'm journaling about, right?! ;)

So, my plans for tomorrow look like this:

Clean kitchen - wipe counters, cabinets, mop floor, and clean out fridge
Clean living room - dust and vacuum
Wash a load of towels

In the afternoon, I'd like to do these things:

Get cards ready for the graduates we know - I may make them, but if not, I'll buy them
Make a menu and grocery list
Work more on Samuel's displays
Cross stitch for a short time
Sew - I need to finish a skirt for my pastor's wife (started before we moved, but my machine messed up and I had to bring it with me . . . now that we're going down there to visit, I'd like to take it to her), and I have a couple of aprons cut out. I have little visions every now and then of having a new skirt for our son's graduation, but that may not happen!

What are your plans for tomorrow? Have a great day!


deb said...

You sound like a busy bee, Susan, getting some much needed stuff done! Good for you! Today for me: going out grocery shopping and doing errands. My son is coming over tonight to celebrate his b'day from last week, and I'm grilling chicken. I am hoping I will be able to do the shopping in a snap because there's cleaning and planning to do here when I get home. I'm having a gardening luncheon for the ladies from church here on Thursday!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a busy but very nice day. When I was down on my hands and knees cleaning baseboards in my DRESS today, I thought of you. LOL I kept hearing "You just get down there and clean the same way I suppose you would in slacks." hehehe I know that has to be very close to what you said. :)

I just think you're a really neat person. So glad to have "met" you through this crazy blogland.

Susan said...

Deb, a gardening luncheon! Are you going to tell us about it on your blog? I'd love to hear about it.

Lisa, thanks for your sweet words! I'm glad we got to meet through our blogs!