Friday, April 21, 2006

What's for Dinner?

Another week! My kids had a school field trip yesterday with some other homeschoolers, so my regular grocery day got moved a day. I really feel kind of ruffled up this week, as my routines didn't go very well. Hopefully we'll be back on track come Monday morning and have a "normal"(?) week.

Here's what our family is eating this week:


B - bacon and toast
L - hot dogs
S - Pizza - cheddar & bacon


B - Muffins, oatmeal
L - Leftover pizza, salad
S - Beans, creamed potatoes, fried okra


B - French toast, turkey sausage
L - Baked ziti, green beans, corn
S - Leftovers from lunch


B - Oatmeal
L - Egg salad
S - Chicken spaghetti, salad, ranch style beans


B - Eggs on English muffins
L - Tuna salad on greens
S - Baked beans w/ground beef, roasted potatoes, coleslaw


B - Pancakes
L - Mac & cheese
S - Salmon patties, creamed potatoes, blackeye peas


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Susan, my schedule was off this week since dd didn't have school on Monday or Tuesday. Maybe next week we'll be back on track!

Teri in CO said...

Your menus sound a lot like ours... I'm curious... how many pizzas and how big are they to feed your three teens? I have two teens (boys) and they could eat their weight in pizza!!! It seems like I can never make enough! Teri

Susan said...

Teri, I have two Pampered Chef baking stones, the large one and the small one, and I make one pizza on each. Sometimes we have nothing left over, sometimes we have a few pieces, but the two pizzas do it for us. My older boy (17) has slowed down on his eating a lot, and my younger boy (14) has never been a really big eater. And my dh and I are trying to lose weight!

Teri in CO said...

Those are the ages of my two boys too! And neither one has slowed down on eating... my 14 yo is a picky eater but pizza is one of his favorites. Thanks, Teri

Mrs. Wilt said...

I'm glad you're back! Pizza is one of our favorites, too. I have a Pampered Chef bar pan and I often use it to bake pizza for us. :o)

Elly said...

Thanks Susan!! Your menus look so yummy and use 'simple' foods...keep up the good work!!

Mary said...

We're having pizza tomorrow!
We bought the big 16" from Sams' club.

Yumm, yumm,I can't wait!

Thanks for sharing your menu with us.

Carolyn said...

Yummy! :)