Saturday, April 01, 2006

Well, here it is the weekend again! I had a good week. I was really charged up about my oven (I found liners!), and that spurred me on to be sure to get the detailing done in my other rooms this week. I've been trying to do the front porch, entry, and powder/laundry room on Mondays, but almost every Monday, Wes runs errands and he asks me if I want to go with him. Of course I do! So this week I decided to save the front porch and all that for Saturday morning, and it worked better. Being a pastor's family, we really don't get a "weekend" on Saturday and Sunday; those are busy days for us, Sunday being the busiest. I've decided that Monday will be my weekdend day, just like Saturday is for most other people. It's the day that I will make the bed and keep the dishes done, but otherwise it's my day to relax a bit. The other 6 days are full steam ahead!

The thing I love about doing the detailing in each room throughout the weeks is that I touch each room in my home at least once a week. My thoughts are turning more toward beautifying each room, not merely cleaning them. I'm enjoying looking at my prettier rooms, and the thing that has struck me more than once is that it smells good in our home! Clean smells good!

As soon as I post this entry, I'm going to make Striped Delight for dessert tomorrow. I'm making some changes in the recipe, but only by using different versions of the same ingredients, such as sugar-free pudding and low-fat Oreos. I know, it's still a dessert, but it will be lower in calories, sugar, and fat. I plan a Sunday dessert into my meals each week, so I can eat a small piece and not feel guilty or mess up my blood sugar. This is a recipe I've used for years, with the exception of the Oreos; my original recipe used graham cracker crumbs.

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