Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This Week on MIH

Making It Home e-mail list took a little break from assignments last week, because Mrs. Cat had to take a break to care for some other areas of her homemaking. So we got a week off! This week, our assignment is to get outside - take a picture of our front entrance and see what changes we can implement to make it look cleaner or more inviting to our family and guests.

This assignment is a little iffy for me. We live in a townhouse, so our little tiny bit of a front yard is managed by the lawn maintenance people. That just leaves my front porch to take care of, which is good. My biggest complaint about my porch is that it has that grass green indoor/outdoor carpet on it, and our dryer vent is on the side. So little gray lint balls from the dryer are always collecting on that nubby green carpet. Have you ever tried to sweep lint off of that carpet?! It sticks like glue! My best option is to sweep daily, or at least several times a week.

To pretty up my porch, I'm going to set out a little chair that my husband got for me while helping friends move; they were going to throw it away, but he knew I'd love it. I found a little flower pot at the Salvation Army the other day that I'm going to plant a shade-loving flower in, and set it on the chair in that corner under the long, narrow window beside the door. Our front porch faces east, but because it's under a carport, it gets very little sunshine. I'm thinking an impatiens might work. Several people have suggested it, so I'm going to give it a try. You can see my little chair and flower pot in this post - we're on a network in our home, and the computer I need to get these pictures from is already turned off for the night!


Kim said...

Hi, I *love* looking at pictures of other peoples homes...real homes instead of the magazine expensive picture purfect ones, haha. I wondered if you would be allowed to pull up the green carpet and instead paint the cement. That way the lint would blow right off it? :o)

Susan said...

You know, I've thought of doing that very thing. I just haven't mentioned it to my husband yet. I wonder if that would be covered under the maintenance guy's jobs, or if it's considered our own change? I'll have to check into it!