Thursday, April 13, 2006

That Boy!

Andrew knows my passwords to my blogs, as you've found out today! LOL I think he used about the worst picture of me that we have, and I was NOT wearing that birthday hat in the original photo. He is a master at manipulating pictures.

Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes! I am blessed to have friends literally from all over the world, thanks to the miracle of the internet. You're a blessing to me!


Elly said...

The hat wasn't on you originally? Well (lol) you sure can do a 'hat' post and make Mrs. Wilt proud!!!haha BTW, hugs. Sure hope Mrs. Wilt has a good sense of humour!!~wink~wink~

Susan said...

Nope, the hat wasn't on there originally . . . and I've also lost about 15 pounds since that picture was taken. I'm telling you, that is a BAD picture! LOL

Elly said...

Susan.....please see if you can 'visit' my blog and tell me if the posts showed up for today. I can't explain this....I got a weird comment about not getting folks to visit me.. Thank you. Praise be to God!