Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Poor Folks Dinner

Our dinner tonight was what I call a poor folks dinner - pinto beans, potatoes, carrots, and biscuits. When my dad was in Bible college when I was a little girl, we ate many, many meals of beans and cornbread.
My husband's family also had lots of beans and biscuits, but they had potatoes with their beans. Nowadays, I make beans about twice a month because (1) my husband loves them, and (2) they do make a cheap (and healthy) meal. The past few weeks, we've been trying to find ways to save money on food, so I've fixed beans twice in the past two weeks. I'm going to have to find ways to spice them up a bit. I like bean recipes that have lots of spice and flavor. I do NOT like them just plain!

It's almost time for a big shopping trip like we took at the end of February. I must say that the food we bought then has really stretched out to last us almost 6 weeks. We've run out of most things, but there are still some canned goods and dry goods on my shelf. The Lord is good! I'm in the process now of making up a menu to last until we leave for Ft. Worth at the end of May - six more weeks. A big help in planning such a large menu is having a certain type of food to prepare on certain days of the week. For example, every Friday is pizza. I just vary the type of pizza from week to week. This month I'm going to try a chicken alfredo pizza, with alfredo sauce instead of tomato-based pizza sauce. Monday seems to be the day for chicken, so I'm making several chicken dishes, from enchiladas to chicken spaghetti, even one meal of Garlic Chicken, our favorite. I'm trying to get away from having meals of whole pieces of meat to try to save money on meat, but I thought I'd include one Garlic Chicken meal because we love it so much. Saturday is something easy, like hot dogs. Sunday is usually a crock pot meal, so it's ready when we come home from church. I haven't really settled on the other days' meals, but just those few have taken away the need to think so hard - and that's a good thing, in my case! LOL


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your site because you led me to MIH, so thank you!

Also, I keep reading about your garlic chicken, can you share the recipe? Sounds great, thanks.

Lora K. said...

I'm going to e-mail you your bread recipes... right now. And I'll include a recipe for Cajun Red Beans. If you want a little more variety you can substitute Northern Beans for the red beans. Also, if you include brown rice with your beans you will have a complete protien, plus it makes the meal stretch much further.

Anonymous said...

Can you give me the recipe for the beans/potatoes that you mention here? Our family NEEDS to cut back and my hubby and I are willing, but I don't like the beans plain, either!! And, I'm not a good 'inventor', if you get my drift!! Could you post the recipe you mention here so I can copy it? Thanks a bunch. Elly

Mary said...

I have 2 things I do with beans.

One, I just cook 'em with a hunka ham bone, and make cornbread, which is, ironically enough on my shopping list for this week, because I am craving it.

and I make a bean soup.
1 lb (or 2) sausage, brown it in a skillet. Add 1 Cut up onion & 2 ts garlic, some salt & 1 C bbq sauce & 1/2 C brown sugar.
Let that marinade on stove for a few minutes. While it finishes up, add beans to crockpot. Use canned beans. Add liquid & all. (may pour off some liquid)
Beans to use: Waxed, green, peas, flaxseed, northern, garbanzo, black, navy, etc. WHATEVER. (i usually add about 3-4 cans of beans, will depend on how much you want to make, how man diff. varieties of beans you want, and how big your crockpot is!)

Add meat sauce to crockpot. Stir. Cook 3-4 hours Or longer. Can't mess it up.

I'm not big on eating beans, but beans cooked this way, really good.
Maybe try subbing fresh/raw beans presoaked?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Mary!! This sounds delicious, especially the bbq sauce as an addition. I can taste it already! I have so many varied cans of beans, and here I thought I'd only get recipes for dried! lol...God is gooood. Elly

Mrs. Wilt said...

What a charming new look for your site! :o)

I will have to hire Andrew to help me with my blog after I've been at it a little while longer!

This post made me want to make cornbread tonight, but I've already got chicken defrosting for Chicken Parm. :o( Maybe tomorrow...

Mary said...

Don't forget that BBQ sauce in the soup!
I did once, it tasted HORRIBLE, I couldn't figure out how this recipe was so disasterous!

Then about 1-2 days later I realized..I forgot the bbq sauce


Elly said...

Hi Susan....I'm figuring out how to set my page up and I think I'll link THIS particular blog, since the viewer can get to your other one!! If ya don't see it linked, it's cuz I'm working the 'kinks' of my learning out!! God bless.