Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Playing With the Menu

Just because I make a menu every week doesn't mean I follow it exactly! For example, when my dh came down for lunch today, he said, "Your blog says we're having egg salad." I had fixed tuna salad. So I told him to ignore my blog! LOL

I am famous (or would that be infamous?) in our family for changing the menu. I write it all out on a form from Donna Young Homeschool Forms, in the household section. Then I put it on the fridge with magnets so everyone can see. So they come to the table thinking they're having chicken, but it's beef. They've also learned that when the menu says beans, they can expect anything but beans. I forget lots of times, even though I have good intentions, and I don't get them started on time. I am doing better here lately, but I still miss bean days occasionally. Like Saturday. I had to switch tomorrow's salmon patties with Saturday's beans. I hope I remember tomorrow!


Mary said...

I was going to ask you, how you plan for leftovers.
I made cheese & bacon topped steaks last night & there were 3 or 4 left over,plenty for leftovers. But,I didn't plan a day for leftovers.

Also considering I can hardly walk, leftovers sounds like a good idea tonight! LOL!

Susan said...

Mary, when I have unexpected leftovers, I go ahead and use them in another meal, and whatever meal I had planned for that day, I move to another day, either in the same week, or save that meal and plug it in the menu for the next week. In the long run, everything gets used. With a menu plan, you have the flexibility to change things, because when you've planned what you're going to fix, you already have all the ingredients - if you need to change something, just save those ingredients for another time!

Happymama said...

I know I wasn't asked...but I like a leftover day. That's the day when all the leftovers are used as buffet at the end of the week and that's one day I don't have to cook. But, I must admit that since my son is definitely a growing teenager, the leftovers are becoming less and less. LOL. As a matter of fact, we haven't had a leftover day in quite some time. But we used to. LOL