Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The New Look - and More

Thank you all for your gracious comments on the new appearance of my blog! I've relayed all your compliments to Andrew, and he is beaming, as am I. Tammy, he didn't charge me a penny! LOL He said he would take donations though. ;)

I'm not planning to change the template of my other blog at this point. I chose that template when I first started blogging because I thought it looked graceful and feminine, and I still like it right now. I may change it someday, just not right away.

As for the font on the banner, Wes and Andrew, my resident computer geniuses, have found that the computer that I'm using now doesn't have all the fonts installed on it. I don't know if that's the problem with others not seeing it, but that's why I'm not seeing it. I'll get one of them to install the fonts, because I want to see my pretty font! The buttons in the sidebar are actually images, which is why everyone can see them with the fancy script on them.

I changed the focus of this blog to more than just FlyLady, although I kept the "flybygrace" in the URL to keep from having to re-route everyone to a new one. Several factors went into changing my focus. One thing is that I had begun to be slightly dissatisfied with FlyLady. She has been a tremendous help to me, make no mistake about that. I have learned to do jobs in small bites (15 minutes!), I have learned the value of routines, and I have found that I wasn't the only one who has trouble figuring out how to put it all together. There were several things, though, that bothered me in some of FlyLady's messages. The biggest problem was that the focus seemed to be on self. I am all for taking care of yourself, because if we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of our families or be involved in the ministry the Lord has given us, whatever that may be. But the notion that the only reason to clean my house was for myself went against everything I had been taught biblically. First and foremost, God wanted me to be a keeper at home, diligent, looking well to the ways of my household, guiding my house. My husband needed a clean, neat place to come home to and a wife that wasn't frazzled and stressed out because everything was a mess. My children needed order to be able to learn and study adequately, and they needed to learn how to care for their own spaces as well. We needed clean clothes on a regular basis too! LOL Also, I needed to be a witness to those around me of diligence and organization, not of laziness and sloppiness - FlyLady does not allow the word lazy, but laziness is a sin that has to be confessed and forsaken in order to overcome it. So the notion that making my home pleasant solely for myself just didn't sit quite right. The other things were a little less significant, so I won't mention them here.

Another factor was my finding Making It Home. While this group is loosely similar to FlyLady, in that Cat sends daily reminders and essays on homemaking, the focus was different: being servants to God and to our families. That is more in line with what I believe personally! I was thrilled to find MIH, and I still am. I love it, even with the heavy e-mail load (which I've had to put on no mail while we get our computer problems straightened out again - my computer has bitten the dust one too many times!).

As I was poking around on Cat's blog, I liked the fact that she used lots of pictures to show what she was doing around the house, and she wasn't focusing only on cleaning and organizing, but on life as a whole. I found that that's what I wanted to do too, so I decided to start changing the focus of my blog from only FlyLady to a more homemaking blog in general. I want to have pictures of things I'm doing, tell you about my days, share victories and defeats with you, and most of all encourage you in your role as wife, mother, daughter, friend . . . whatever your particular roles in life are. This will be a record for myself, too, of things I accomplish, blessings in my life (I never realized how much stuff I've gotten for free or at really low cost until I started naming things on my shelf in the dining room, for example), and just the daily routine of living. I also want to share other organizational helps with you than just FlyLady - some of those are in my sidebar already - and let you try them and see for yourself what works best for you. I hope you'll still enjoy my blog. You bless me by coming here!


Anonymous said...

We've had the same journey! What a confirmation. Yes, Flylady is quite helpful but I visit Mrs. Catherine for the 'spiritual' wisdom that seems to be intricate in her 'way'. You have yourself a faithful reader here! Elly.

deb said...

I like your new focus, too, Susan. And I love pictures :)

Mary said...

Well, thank you for explaining that.
I was quite curious!


Anonymous said...

My understanding of when flylady says to just "do it for yourself" is in conjunction with people writing her that their famlies do not help too{they feel they are the only one doing it all}...then she says do it for yourself..for your self esteme etc.It is your house too and you have to live in it.They will benefit and later may help but don't rely on that. Yes I love the Making it home site too and get the magazine. I also love for her also Christian concept of homemaking..thanks for being their with your insights for us. We all need each other to stay focused on just why we are on this earth and our role in our homes. Thank you sooo much for taking the time to help us in that end.