Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Almost a Week!

Oh, my goodness! How quickly the past week flew by! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in 6 days. Every time I'd think "I need to write something" I'd be in the middle of something else, then the thought would pass . . . and there was nothing here. If you want to read an update on last week, feel free to jog over to my other blog, and I'll not repeat it all here.

Well, I've just basically been keeping up with the house. No special decorating or cleaning, just the regular maintenance stuff. I have been working on some cross stitch pieces, doing some writing, and I'm preparing to do a little sewing. I have two aprons cut out and ready to sew. I also have an unfinished sewing project that I want to finish for my pastor's wife in TX before the end of May. So I'm staying busy, but it's so hard to work when I want to play!

Yesterday, Wes and I went on a shopping trip to stock up on groceries again. We are set for 6 weeks, until we go to TX in May for our son's graduation. We'll have to buy milk, eggs, bread, that kind of thing, each week, but we have most of the food we're going to eat for the next month in our pantry. I told Wes we could open our own store! I need to grate all the cheese we got so it won't mold before we eat it, but I just froze all the chicken instead of cooking it ahead of time. I didn't have room in the fridge for 2 whole chickens.

Today was a steady day. This morning I got Wes's and my laundry done, then ironed the few things that needed it right after lunch. I also cleaned the kitchen and mopped the downstairs floors and cleaned out the fridge (which is my normal Tuesday thing to do). After lunch and ironing, I played . . . wrote part of an article (I write articles for a realtor in the US to put on her website), transferred the markings from pattern to fabric for two aprons that are cut out, and cross stitched for an hour. By then it was time to finish getting dinner ready. So . . . busy and productive, but not getting a large amount of any one thing done. Very comfortable!

I will do my best not to be away so long again. I hope you're all enjoying your homes this week, and more than that, enjoying your families as you serve them!

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Elly said...

Oh Susan....we only have a small fridge and freezer (small) above it. I DO HAVE A SMALL PANTRY AS WELL: If you don't hate this question: could you give someone like me a 'moderated version' to help with ideas? Like...I really don't know storage for the food that's chopped/shredded/cut-up ahead of time. Obviously, with a small (we live in an apartment...regulation refridgerator!lol) space I would do 2 to 3 weeks at a time. It's hard, cuz Kenny (my 9 year old) is 'special needs' and my time is limited. I appreciate any/all tips I can get. (The menus don't really include him; autistics seem STUCK on 4 or 5 different food plans!). Thanks.