Saturday, March 11, 2006

What I Did Today

Today was a new day. I was determined I was going to get something done, even if it took all day. You know how that went - it never takes as long to do something as you think it will. Except for ironing. Today it took every bit as long as I thought it would.

Yep, I'm still fighting the ironing monster. My dh was not vocal about all those clothes lying around in our bedroom, except for a couple of nights ago, when he said something to the effect of "move the clothes to the bed in the morning; move them back to the ironing board at night." Hmmm. Maybe he's noticing that I've let the ironing pile up? So today was the day to get that knocked out. Yes.

I sat down this morning and made a list by categories of things I needed and wanted to do today. First was the house - I needed to start the chili in the crockpot, mop the kitchen floor, and do some laundry (and iron). Next was church stuff - had to get my Sunday school lesson ready. After that came the Sunday stuff - Iron clothes (yes, I had ironing on there twice - I told you I was determined to get it done!), get the stew beef ready for the crockpot for tomorrow, and make a dessert. I also had Fun (cross stitch) and Blog (my family's experiences last night snow tubing) categories. Blogging got done, but Fun didn't.

I did get everything marked off of my list, although some things were not done to perfection (there's that P word again!). In the House category, mopping the floor downgraded to wiping up the little drips and drops scattered around the floor. Church category all got done, since I am teaching Sunday school tomorrow and there was no sidestepping getting the lesson ready. Sunday category got done, because I got the ironing all done. Everything in the house that needed ironing, except the kids' clothes. I'm mean and make them do their own. The cake is still sitting on the counter, waiting for me to cover it up. The beef is thawing in the fridge; it'll be browned in the morning and put in the crockpot with beef gravy, to be served over rice.

A couple other things got done that I didn't write down. Sweeping the patio, for instance. The day turned out so pretty and almost warm, so I went out and swept and pushed the chairs in under the patio table. I also casually went and closed our back gate, since the neighbor's toddlers ran into our yard today and slammed into the sliding door and looked in to see what we were doing. Not cool, in my book, so the gate was securely closed and latched. I also looked over what I call a garden - a couple of pots and a flower bed, to see what kind of weeds are living in them. I think I actually saw some real plants coming up; we'll see what happens this spring. Another 'extra' that got done is washing the mats and rugs from around the house. I think that's it for the extra stuff - I was sure I had done more, though!

I'm looking forward to what MIH has in store next week - which area of our homes we're going to work on next. This week was a washout for me as far as getting extra housework done - hey, I didn't even keep up with the laundry! I love new beginnings, though, and I get one every week. It's called Monday.


Carolyn said...

I"m gonna really work on this this coming week. Of course my mother is going to be here for 2 days. But I"m gonna really work at it the best I can while she is here and then when she is gone.
So do the emails come like flylady?

Susan said...

There are reminders like FlyLady, but it's so much more! It's a real discussion list, where everyone shares what they're doing. It's a lot of e-mails in one day - ask your dh to set up a folder for it, or it'll clog up your inbox! Don't even try to read every e-mail, because you'll spend so much time online instead of actually working. When you see a topic that interests you, read messages in that thread and delete the rest. You'll do great!