Saturday, March 25, 2006

Supper Tonight

Tonight's meal went better than Thursday's. Wes grilled salmon, and I made roasted potatoes, corn, sauted zucchini, salad, and rolls to go with it. I love this salmon recipe. Wes found in online and had me try it, and now it's our favorite.

Grilled Tuna or Salmon Steaks Italian Style

4 tuna or salmon steaks (I used 8 salmon fillets)
1/4 c. olive oil
2 tsp. basil
3 Tbsp. white vinegar
2 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. garlic, minced (I just threw in a couple of cloves, crushed)
2 tsp. each salt, pepper, and thyme (seemed a little salty this time - maybe a tad less salt)

Combine all ingredients except salmon steaks. Marinate steaks 30 minutes; grill and baste 5 minutes or until steaks flake easily.

Wes makes little "pans" from squares of foil and coats those with olive oil. He grills the fillets on these pans over a medium flame, then turns them down to low after they start to sizzle. He gets them just right, and they are delicious!

Samuel and Beth went and got me some more flour, so I made an apple pie after supper for dessert tomorrow, per Wes's request. He loves my apple pie! Tomorrow's dinner is roast beef in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots, brown gravy, corn, salad, and homemade biscuits (another favorite that I don't make often because they're so BAD for us!). I have Breyer's Vanilla ice cream to go with the apple pie. I'm debating whether or not to have a thin sliver of apple pie - I love it, but I really shouldn't eat something with quite so much sugar.

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