Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Living Room

The room we're focusing on this week on MIH is the living room. Ours is pretty comfortable, but I have a few pockets of clutter - the main one being my desk area. Our living room is used for watching TV, making music - we have a keyboard and a piano - computers, a homeschooling area, and a home office. Until a couple of weeks ago, it was also a Bible study meeting area. It's a big room, so all this works, as long as it stays decluttered! We're trying to sell the big desk, the credenza, and the piano, so hopefully it won't be long till we can reduce some of the bulk in here.

Today I cleared my desk and the credenza, and I plan to empty the inside of the desk and credenza this week - having faith that we'll sell them! I also want to get the homeschool area decluttered. The rest of the room is pretty good, other than needing a few touches here and there to decorate.

So that's my plan for decluttering this week. I hope to have some pictures and the news that we sold the desk set!

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