Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Laundry Room

This week's assignment on MIH is the laundry room - declutter it! Mine, forunately, is already decluttered. I told you about it in this post.

This is the first home we've had, in 21 years of marriage, that actually has a real laundry area. Most of the houses and apartments we've lived in just had a place for a washer, and another place rigged up somewhere for the dryer. Our last house in Texas had the washer in the kitchen and the dryer in the garage. You had to go outside, down the steps, and into the garage to get to it. I once fell off the porch with a laundry basket in my arms, because there was no porch rail and it was a narrow, steep porch. It knocked the breath out of me, and I waited expectantly for my husband to come looking for me (I thought for sure he'd heard my "oomph" as I hit the ground), but after a few minutes I gave up on waiting for him and got myself up. He had been completely oblivious to any "oomphs" outside. Good thing it didn't knock me out! You couldn't hear the dryer buzzer with the dryer in the garage, and it was in a completely separate place from the rest of the house - combine that with my classic SHEness, and you have laundry disaster! So when we moved here, I was thrilled to find a designated laundry area, even though it is in the guest restroom.

Since the laundry is done in the guest restroom, I do try to keep it looking decent in there. I keep my laundry products in a nice basket, and I have a plastic bin for the kitchen towels and dishcloths to go in each day. I have some plants on the shelves too, and any extra laundry supplies that I don't use each day are under the sink. I would like to paint these shelves cover them some other way. I'll have to see how creative I can be! Suggestions always appreciated, too!


Tammy said...

Your laundry area looks so nice! My laundry "room" is down in the basement. I need to work on making it look a little more decent. The new washer/dryer help some. =D Kevin installed new lighting down in the basement, and now that I can actually see in the basement the floor looks really grimy!

As far as the shelves go, I think they look nice just the way they are. But that's me...I am am "unfussy" about stuff like that.

Susan said...

Wes thinks they look fine too. To me they just don't looked finished. I guess I'm thinking they would look ok if they were in a separate laundry room, like in a basement or closet type room, but they're in the guest bath! The people here before us used a tension shower curtain rod and a curtain to hide the laundry area. I don't want to have to move a curtain every time I wash clothes, though.

I bet you are really enjoying those new appliances! Just the "new" shine of them gives the area a boost!

Candy said...

Your laundry area is very pretty. Right now, my laundry room is being used as a storage room, while my poor washer and drier are in a different state.

There is a laundromat near by, so we've been doing good. :-)

Susan said...

Candy, I've always hated laundromats, but the good thing about them is that you get everything done in about 2 hours! When we were traveling on deputation, we'd find a laundromat and one of the kids and I would work together and get it all done. It was nice to have everything clean at once.