Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm Still in the Kitchen

The rest of MIH has moved on to the dining room, but I'm still in the kitchen, at least for today. Tuesday is my day to detail the kitchen, wiping down the corners of the countertops and getting all those drips and drops off the cabinet doors. I'm gradually working my monthly kitchen jobs into my a routine on Tuesdays, and today THE JOB had to be done. It should be done every 6 months (maybe every 3 - haven't decided yet), but it's been staring me in the face every day for over a year. We've lived in this house 18 months, and I had never done this job. THE OVEN. Yes, I chose today to clean my oven.

This is what it looked like when I started. Horrible, isn't it? That's pizza that puffed too high and the toppings slid off. Apple pie juice. Broiled stuff. Grease. Yep, the remnants of many a yummy meal. And it had to come off. Shame was driving me to it. Even the window as covered in baked on greasy goop. So I sprayed it with . . . Easy Off. I know, I know - the fumes are bad for you (they did make me cough and gave me a headache) and the chemicals are terribly harsh. And for all that, it didn't even get the stuff off enough for me to just wipe it off.

So when I opened the oven 2 hours later, a large portion of the gunk wiped off, but a whole lot of the really bad spots were still there, and it didn't even touch the oven door. I decided I didn't want to spray and wait again. I got our my dish liquid, baking soda, and a bucket of warm water and got busy. After an hour of generously applying elbow grease and baking soda and the help of a little plastic scraper from Pampered Chef, I finished up this thankless job by pouring some vinegar in clean, warm water and wiped the whole oven down, then buffing it dry with a towel. This is my reward! Talk about a feeling of accomplishment! Now I just have to figure out how to keep it clean. I've made a reminder for 6 months from now to do it again. I may change it to 3 months. I've never kept a clean oven, so I don't know how often it should be cleaned.


Kim K. said...

Hi There!
Just thought I would drop a note to let you know what a wonderful job you did! It looks brand new again! Next time check your grocery store for Easy Off Fume Free, you are sure to fall in love with it! I used it in my oven without even turning the oven on and it worked like a charm! I have also used it on my pans that got really gunky, it is awesome and best of all it smells like lemons!
Love, Kim K.(MIH GROUP)

Kim K. said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Walmart has great alluminum oven liners that will help you keep your oven clean. They look like flat alum. trays with a small lip around the edges, they are by the throw away allum. pans and are really cheap. You just place one on the bottom rack and cook away! They will catch any spills and after a while just pull it out, throw it away and replace with a new one.
Sorry for rambling! Kim K.

A Bishop wife said...

Just Beautiful!

Deb said...

Susan, can I book you a flight to my house? I'm home all next week, and my oven will be waiting for you. :)

Tammy said...

I do a terrible job keeping my oven clean as well. In fact, the only time I used to clean my oven was before we were moving (gotta get that deposit back!). Kim's recommendation of Easy Off FUME FREE is a good one--that's what I use. It also takes longer than 2 hours to work. I found that out when we moved into our new house. The oven was disgusting (much worse than mine had ever gotten...pat myself on the back...LOL). I sprayed oven cleaner on the oven, and then I didn't have time to clean the oven that day. So I went home, and came back the next day to an easy to clean oven--all I had to do was wipe it out.

Your oven looks great! Isn't it nice to open now? :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW ... you did a terrific job!! Much better than I have ever done. I cheat now, when we had to buy a new oven, I bought a self cleaning one ;o) Absolutely marvelous! Someone already mentioned the disposable aluminum oven liner tray. I've used them in the past and they made a huge difference. Again, you did an amazing job. Good for you!!

Susan said...

Thanks for all the comments, ladies! I'm still peeking into the oven and admiring it! LOL

Kim and Tammy . . . you won't believe this, but Easy Off Fume Free is what I used. It made me cough and then I got a headache, and it must take longer than the 2 hours. I still have half a can, so I'll probably use it up the next time I clean the oven. But thanks so much for the recommendation!

Deb, I would LOVE to come visit you, and I'd even **help you** clean your oven! ;)

Anonymous, I would love to have a self-cleaning oven, but that's probably a very long time away. If I can keep this one clean I'll be happy. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but it's very small, apartment sized. In a 4-bedroom townhouse! We've thought it was crazy to have such a small stove for large families, but it does meet the need of having something to cook on. The only bad thing is that I can't use my larger cookie sheets - they won't fit lengthwise or crosswise.

I plan to get some of those aluminum oven liners. I don't know if they have them here, but I'll look, for sure. If they don't, I'll get some the next time I'm at WalMart in the US.