Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Home Management Binder

Do you ever wish there was a truly step-by-step instruction manual for making your own home management binder? I've added a link in my sidebar that I think might just fulfill that wish! I frequently visit Candy's blog, and she has published her own e-book on this very subject entitled The Home Management Binder: The Housewife's Best Friend. From Candy's description:
The ebook has 152 pages, and has step-by-step instructions on how to build a Home Management Binder, and make it work for you each day. Through the power of proper, godly organization, one can have plenty of time each day to:

- exercise

- cook and eat delicious healthy meals

- keep the house clean and "guest ready", while maintaining a fun, peaceful environment

- have hobby or project time(s)

- learn the "trick" to maintaining organization all the time
This ebook will hold your hand, and take you step-by-step, in the creation of your Home Management Binder, and how to implement it to your everyday life. For those who may feel overwhelmed, this ebook has a sample binder that can be printed out, and used. It also contains printouts of charts that can be used as binder inserts.

If you'd like to order this e-book for yourself or for a friend, just click on the link in this post or on my sidebar for ordering information. Candy constantly amazes me; she really seems to have it all together - and she even remembers where she put it!


Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed that you are endorsing this product from this person.

Susan said...

May I ask why this product? I can understand differing biblical philosophies, but I see nothing wrong with the product itself. Would you mind sharing your reasons? I'd appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

This individual has a very deep rooted lack of love and character in their expression and lifestyle which must affect all they do - read the blog and comments.

Tammy said...

I didn't know you had purchased this e-book. How do you like it? I've been mildly interested in it. But not interested enough to actually buy it. LOL

Susan said...

Anonymous, I'm sorry you feel that way about Candy's personality. I don't agree with everything she has to say, and sometimes not even the way she says it, but I won't ignore her book if it's something that might be helpful, even if I might not agree with everything she says or does. I'm sorry that you're disappointed in me, but I don't have a problem with the book.

Candy said...

Wow, thank you Susan, for such a nice post about my book. :-D

God bless.

From Candy - who even loves the troll. said...

P.S. Susan, I'm so sorry that you have inherited my troll. :-( Just ignore, ignore, ignore. ;-)

The troll is of the world, and we know that Christ is at enmity with the world. :-D Hence, being put down by such a troll is verification that the Christian is indeed following Christ. ;-)

Susan said...

Candy, thanks for dropping by! It's ok to have a troll, I suppose. Everybody needs one to keep things lively! LOL