Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Don't Just Clean - Beautify!

It's no secret that I love Lady Lydia's Homeliving Helper. Here are a couple of paragraphs from her latest article that spoke to my heart.

In judging your own housekeeping, just do as well as you can in your circumstances. There is no use getting by with a swipe and a sweep at the house, unless you have special problems. We can each put our whole heart and soul into what we do. We are generally much happier when we know we have done our best, and put our full talent into something. People who just do what they can get by with, in anything, will never be completely happy or fulfilled.

That is why I say, when you are homemaking, that you should not just clean something, you should beautify it. Your finished job should send a message. It should say "I love my family enough to provide a place for them that is lovely and comfortable."

I can clean with the best of them, and I'm learning to maintain that clean, but I've not been very good at beautifying my home. This has challenged me to not only keep our home clean (and work hard at it!), but to also do what I can to beautify it. I've found a blog along these lines that I really enjoy. The author accepted a seven-day decorating challenge during which she was to beautify her home with something different every day with things that are free. In other words, she had to use things she already had. I've really enjoyed reading her progress through her home. Go take a look at Mrs. Wilt's The Sparrow's Nest. You'll love her gentle spirit and her creativity!

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