Saturday, March 25, 2006

And You Know What Else?

I ran out of flour again today. It's not my fault really; it's my daughter's. She made 4 dozen cookies for her Dad and several men in our church to take on their weekend retreat. Then she made 4 dozen more cookies for her brothers, who have been known to pay her to make cookies. Then last night she wanted to try making quick bread, so I, always wanting to encourage her in anything domestic, said to go ahead, not really thinking about the flour. I guess I thought I was like the widow woman in the Bible whose barrel of meal never ran out!

On Thursday, which was my grocery day, I had a full 5 1/2 pound bag of flour, so I didn't buy any more, trying to save money. Between my flat rolls on Thursday and Beth's baking marathon yesterday, we used most of that bag. I used the rest this afternoon on another batch of rolls. I still need flour to make an apple pie tonight and biscuits tomorrow. My baby girl offered her services, along with her oldest brother, to walk to the store and buy some more flour.

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