Saturday, March 25, 2006

Adventures in Cooking

We have a guest preacher eating with us this weekend. He arrived Thursday afternoon, and had his first meal with us that evening. I fixed our favorite, Garlic Chicken, which turned out fine; it was the rest of the meal that went wonky.

Well, the chicken did turn out fine, but it took a long time to cook. The fresh breasts I got were huge, so they took a long time. Which meant dinner was about 15 minutes late.

I thought homemade yeast rolls would be good with the chicken, so Thursday afternoon I set out to make them, something I've done hundreds of times before. I'm an old hand at this! The kids were taking showers, so the hot water was all gone and I had to heat the water in the microwave. Now I knew that if I got the water too hot, it would kill the yeast and the dough wouldn't rise. When I pulled the water out of the microwave - wow, it sure was hot, but it wasn't boiling, so I went ahead and used it right away. I didn't really have time to let it cool down (note to self: always start cooking well in advance of meal time to avoid last-minute problems - you'd think I'd know this by now!). Well, the rolls fizzled. The dough didn't rise one tiny bit. I went ahead and shaped them, hoping that by some miracle, they would rise. They didn't. They were like little wheat cookies.

I fixed a couple of different veggies, but as we were putting the meal on the table, my daughter asked where the rice was. The rice! I had forgotten to make the rice! There was absolutely no time for sure now, so we went without rice. No one said anything during the meal, but afterwards, my husband asked why I hadn't fixed some rice. I had to confess that I had forgotten it.

So our meal, which was supposed to be chicken, rice, broccoli with cheese sauce (oh yeah, I forgot the cheese sauce too - where WAS my brain Thursday?), corn and green beans, and yeast rolls. We did have a nice fruit bowl, though; huge strawberries, and grapes were on sale. They were big green seedless grapes the size of my thumb - just delicious!

I am such a SHE.


deb said...

Susan, this post sounds so much like me! :) I forgot to fix rice for my meatballs over rice recipe one time when we had company...duh! It only had to happen once though--I learned a lesson after that. So embarrassing.

Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your ups and downs!

Susan said...

Deb, I've made so many boo boos in cooking! My very first one was the week we got married and I substituted ketchup for tomato paste in spaghetti sauce. Don't ask! LOL It was horrible!