Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We're Home!

Boy, am I beat this evening! We spent a large part of the day shopping - we now have a month's supply of non-perishables, plus some frozen chicken and some cheese. I just feel so blessed and prepared when we're stocked up on food! The Lord surely is good to allow us to have such a stash of food! Tomorrow I will post pictures of our utility closet/pantry. You won't believe the before pictures! LOL I'm just too tired to get up and take a picture right now. I still have a little straightening up to do from cleaning out that monster!

I'm still planning to cook up some chicken and grate the cheese tomorrow. I may make tomorrow an all-day kitchen event and bake some rolls or bread, too. I haven't decided yet. I've already decided that I'll put all the chicken in my biggest crock pot and let it cook all day, then shred it after supper tomorrow night. I'm going to have to portion out the cheese really well if it's going to last a whole month. We have pizza every Friday!

I washed one load of clothes this morning, but I haven't dried them yet. I do need to do that before bed tonight too. I'm so glad that the busy stuff is out of the way for this week! Tomorrow I can focus on my home again, without having to hurry through my work.

One other thing - I'm working on some changes to this blog. My son Andrew is a computer whiz, and he's making me a new template. I can't wait to show you what he's doing!

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