Friday, February 24, 2006

Tweaking a Bit

I was in a fog all day today! I got up late. I have a ladies' meeting at church tomorrow, and trying to get everything ready for that was on my mind all day. I wanted to go back to bed all day long, but I told myself I slept late and didn't need to go back to bed. I think I listened - I stayed up and kept going! ;)

I cleaned our main bathroom today. I've been trying a different way of cleaning the past two weeks. Instead of following FlyLady's zones, I figured out my own zones in my house, and I work in one zone per day. I must say, I have enjoyed working in a different zone each day, and working in each one every week. Right now, I'm just doing what I would do in my home blessing, such as dusting, mirrors, and floors, and I'll be adding in those monthly jobs and dividing them up to do one or more monthly jobs per day in each zone. For example, the monthly jobs I've done in my bedroom are cleaning the light fixture, cleaning the window and blinds, turning the mattress, and thoroughly cleaning the sink and toilet in our half bath. Now, I'll do one of these jobs each Thursday (when I detail our bedroom), keeping them monthly jobs, but still working in that room each week. Was that clear as mud? The monthly zone system wasn't working well for me, because I felt that I wasn't keeping the rooms very clean in between. By focusing on each zone once a week, I just feel like I'm keeping a better watch on each zone.

I didn't get any decluttering done yesterday or today. I wanted to post pictures of the kitchen cabinet I did Wednesday, but I can't get them to upload and it's late at night. I'll try again tomorrow.

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