Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That Laundry!

I've done it again! I've gotten behind on the laundry. How does it happen? When I decide to do a load "later" instead of when I have it in my routine, which is grabbing a basket of clothes as I head down the stairs to start breakfast each morning. The usual reason I put it off is because there is no basket upstairs, and I'll have to go down and get one and then come back up. Now how lazy is that?! I don't want to walk back upstairs, so I put my whole routine out of whack because of it. That's going to have to stop! When I'm really in my routines, I always leave one basket upstairs next to the laundry hamper when I'm finished with laundry for the day.

Another laundry routine-buster is laying aside the clothes that need to be ironed to do "later" instead of doing them right away. I've found that I can iron the 2 or 3 pieces out of each load (not all loads have ironing in them, though) in less than 5 minutes if I turn on the iron as I begin folding that load, then turn right around and iron those things right away. It fits right into the folding/putting away routine! But I procrastinate and lay those few things aside; before long, there's a whole pile of clothes there, getting more and more wrinkled, and I just keep putting it off because I don't want to deal with it. Again . . . how lazy is that?!

I know that FlyLady doesn't want us to label ourselves with the L-word (lazy), but we just have to be honest with ourselves and admit that much of our problem comes simply from the I-don't-wannas. In the Bible it's called slothfulness, the opposite of diligence. Today we call it laziness. The Lord has been convicting my heart lately about my reluctance to just WORK. Yes, we should feel guilty about being lazy, but that guilt shouldn't weigh us down and stop us from getting that sin taken care of! True, godly sorrow will bring us to the Saviour's feet, humbly repenting and asking forgiveness . . . once again . . .and then set us on our feet to go again, resolved to do better. So guilt is not a bad thing; it's what brings us to repentance and a renewed spirit to do even better . . . if we take care of that guilt properly.

Now I'm off to continue working on that pile of ironing that's been waiting for me! This picture was made last summer when I was working on a project for my other blog. That's why I'm in summer clothes and there's a fan!

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