Sunday, February 19, 2006

Smooth Days

Yesterday and today have been pretty smooth days, thanks to getting some things done during the week. Actually, Friday my dh said, "I'm going to clean up my office. Can't have the whole house lookin' good and my office a pit." Yay! I actually have his office as part of my Master Bedroom zone, but I told him I wouldn't bother it. So he worked on it a bit himself.

All the laundry I had to do yesterday was a load of towels. And you know what? I got them dried and forgot about them. They're still sitting in the dryer! See? I'm still very much a SHE. I don't worry quite as much about towels being in there, though, because they don't have to be wrinkle-free. But they are awfully nice when they're nice and fluffy, fresh from the dryer. Hmm. I'll have to make a note to myself to pay attention to the dryer, even if it's just towels.

I got all my Sunday school stuff done yesterday afternoon. We're having a memory verse contest for the next 6 weeks, so I got my incentive chart made and put together. It's really very simple. The lesson series is on the miracles of Jesus, and since His first miracle was turning the water into wine, the visual for the incentive chart is a water pot. I made 6 waterpots with the 6 Scripture references on them, cut them out, and stuck them to a colorful chart I bought at Staples. As each child says his verse for the week, he gets to put a glittery star next to that verse's reference on his water pot. At the end of the 6 weeks, if he has said all 6 verses, he gets a prize. I made 6, but I usually only have 2 in my class, so I guess that was a step of faith that I'll get 4 more students by the end of the contest?!

Last night after supper I thawed out the ground beef for our Egg Noodle Lasagna and put it back in the fridge. I also shredded the cheese for it, and made Jello desserts. This morning I browned the ground beef and cooked the egg noodles, then assembled the casserole in the crockpot and set it on low. When we got home from church, I fixed broccoli, corn, leftover beans, and a salad - dinner! I love having dinner mostly ready when we get home! It sure cuts down on the stress level on Sunday afternoon!

Oh . . . I remember what else I did during the week to make today smoother. I ironed all our clothes. I have 1 skirt that still has to be ironed, but all the rest are done. So Wes just chose a dress shirt this morning with no "Honey, do you have a shirt hiding somewhere?" I used to dread hearing him ask, especially if it was underwear! Last Sunday he did have to ask for socks - 2 days in a row - so that's why I got caught up on the laundry again!

I've really, really enjoyed the Making it Home website, and I joined the e-mail list this week. There are some things that I'm working on changing from my FlyLady routines - not that FlyLady is wrong, but some parts weren't working all that well for me right now. I still love FlyLady and am so thankful for that system, because it came at a time when I needed some guidance, but MIH has a slightly different overall focus. I'm considering changing the purpose of this blog from solely FlyLady to more of a homemaking blog in general, and maybe a bit of a different focus. We shall see! I don't have a lot of time to play around with it, but I want to change a few things. Keep working at making a difference in your home, which is the most important thing!

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