Sunday, February 26, 2006

Plans for the Week

I thought I'd get to take a break this week, after getting ready for our ladies' meeting at church. That seemed to take all my energy and time this week, preparing and studying for it, in addition to Sunday school and Wed. night lessons for the kids. But no. Life marches on quickly, and this week brings new things to do.

Tomorrow I need to clean out a spot in our utility closet that I'm trying to use as a pantry area, but I'm not doing very good at it. I'll have to take a picture of it so you can see what I'm up against here! LOL Cleaning out this section of closet (at least) is in addition to my regular Monday jobs that I've made for myself - my home blessing of mopping my hard floors, changing and washing sheets, and just picking up and putting away in general from the weekend. We're also going to be away Tuesday to do some bulk shopping, so I want to clean my kitchen tomorrow too. And as you know, I have some laundry to do tomorrow - but not the underwear! ;) It's waiting in a basket to be folded. And there's some ironing to do tomorrow too.

We'll be gone on Tuesday, so that day is accounted for. On Wednesday, I'd like to try a modified version of once-a-month cooking. In preparation for our shopping trip, I made a basic list of the meals I'll be cooking for the month of March. Being slightly thick-headed, it took a few minutes for it to dawn on me that several of those meals included ingredients that I could cook ahead and freeze. The main meat I'll be buying Tuesday is chicken, so I'm planning to cook all the chicken I'll need for the month in casseroles and things like enchiladas, and season and freeze the pieces that will be used whole. I think I'll also shred all the cheese I'll need too. Shredding cheese is a dreaded chore in this house! So we'll shred it all at once and freeze it in portions to use later.

Thursday is the first time our church is having its mid-week service on Thursday. My husband and I grew up in church since we were 6 years old (both our dads are preachers), and we have been in church every Wednesday night of the past 34 years! I'm told that it won't take long to make the adjustment. I used to do my shopping on Thursdays, but I think I'll move that to Wednesdays for picking up the things we need weekly, like eggs, bread, and milk.

Friday night our family is singing at the winter revival of our sponsoring church here in Canada. We love the people there; they have taken us as family and made us so welcome to their country. Singing for them will be a special treat for us!

So you can see we have a full week ahead. I'll be relying a lot on my routines to keep me going and getting things done in between the busy times. Maybe I'll share with you my revised version of my weekly jobs. My morning routine is the same as always!

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