Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Little Before and After

Here are some before and after pics of the decluttering I've done this week. These are areas in my kitchen, and I'll keep moving around the kitchen systematically until I get all the cabinets done in there.

Here is the storage area in the bottom of my microwave cart:

As I cleared out the microwave cart, I came upon some things that needed to go in a cabinet that wasn't next in line to be decluttered, but I went ahead and did that one and another one. They are the small cabinets above my stove and fridge. They were fairly easy to declutter, so it didn't take much time. I can't believe how much plastic cutlery we have! We buy it to use for church dinners and refreshments, and then each of us would put the leftover ones in a different place! I filled a box with this stuff, so we won't need to buy more for a little while.

Above the stove:

And above the fridge:

I had two more pics to show you, but that seems to be all Blogger will allow me to do in one post! I'll have more tomorrow!

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