Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Laundry/Powder Room

I didn't have a whole lot that needed decluttering in this room, as it's a small room with only one cabinet. I keep my laundry products in a pretty basket on the shelf above the washer, though, and that basket, although not very full, was messy with the bottles falling over and the little stuff falling under the bigger things. So I cleared that out.

After clearing out the basket, I turned around to the under-sink cabinet to see what needed to be done there. That was a little messier, but still didn't take long. You can't see into the back of the cabinet (using the flash only drowned everything with light!), but that's where most of the mess was. In the front, I basically made changes that made sense to me, such as moving the toilet paper to a spot where it can be reached should the person needing it be in a compromising position! ;) Here are the results:

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