Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"I Am Such a SHE"

Did you see FlyLady's post on still being such a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive)? I can SO identify! LOL No matter how organized and clean I or my house become, I will always, always be a SHE. I have my own list of SHE Shouldn'ts. Here are a few of mine; maybe you could share some of yours!

SHE's shouldn't . . .

Put anything on the coffee table "just for now."
Lay their keys down anywhere in the house; they really have to go in the back pocket section of my purse!
Put meat in the refrigerator that they aren't going to use within a day or two; always freeze it right away.
Sit down at the computer while cooking anything.
Neglect ironing a load of clothes right away - they multiply, both in quantity of clothes and in wrinkles.
Leave craft projects out on the table.
Lay an important receipt on the desk instead of filing it.
Neglect to write down everything they need to get while out running errands.
Forget to check the due date on all those movies they checked out of the library.0

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