Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How Much Can You Tweak?

How much can you tweak FlyLady and still be doing FlyLady?! I mentioned Cat's Making It Home site the other day, and the more I go there, the better I like it. This week on her e-mail group, Cat is having the ladies divide their houses basically into zones (sound familiar?), so I used her method to divide my house into zones. I had tried for so long to use FlyLady's zones, but her house doesn't match my house, you know? So I wrote down all the rooms and storage areas in my house and divided them by five - for the five days of the week or the five zones, one week per zone. See? This will fit with either plan! Here are the five zones of my house:

Entry/Powder room & laundry room/hall coat closet
Dining Room/Kitchen/Utility & storage closet
Living room/study area/Homeschool area
Master Bedroom/Wes's study/Stairs and landing
Main bathroom/linen closet

The kids's rooms will be cleaned by them, under my supervision. They haven't been doing a monthly detailed cleaning, and neither have I, and things have gotten out of control, so I'll be showing them what I want them to do in their rooms, and then inspecting what I expect. They keep their rooms mostly picked up, and their sheets are changed every week, but I want more for their rooms. I don't think I'll do a lot in Wes's study either, because that's his domain and I don't want to mess it up. He has everything like he wants it, and he cleans up and organizes it periodically.

So you see what I mean? How much can I tweak and still be a FlyBaby? I wish I didn't need step-by-step instructions all the time! LOL Why did it never occur to me to break down my own house into zones? I just never knew how to go about it.

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