Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here is the rest of the decluttering I did this week. I only got to it the first three days; the other two days just didn't work out with other things I had to do. I know that this week, I'll be out of the house all day on Tuesday, so Monday I'm going to do the weekly detailing in the kitchen on Monday, along with my home blessing. That will make more work on Monday, but I don't want to miss cleaning my kitchen this week! I'll take the decluttering as I can. I do need to plan on a bit of decluttering in our utility/storage closet on Monday, as we're going to do a bulk shopping run Tuesday, and part of that closet is my "pantry". At the moment, I have to lean in and reach for what I need in that closet! Not good!

Here's what I did Wednesday. This is the double upper cabinet between my stove and refrigerator, where I keep all my baking supplies. The more affordable spices here come in either bulk or in big packets, and I don't yet have spice jars for them, so I've been folding the bags over and putting them in ziploc bags, then placing them in extra containers that I have. All that to say . . . the very top shelf still looks a bit messy because of all the little bags. That's one thing I'm going to just have to go and buy - some sort of storage for spices. I did take everything out of the cabinet, got rid of some mystery bags from up top, and wiped the shelves down. So it's cleaner and a tad neater, but not up to what I'd like for it to be.


After - not much change at all! I need to work on some storage solutions for those spices!

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