Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Somewhat Better Today

Today has gone a bit better. I did some zone work in the bathroom - cleaned the tub and shower surround really good - and worked on getting my desk cleared completely. It's been a little aggravating to get this desk and credenza cleared. When Wes moved his office upstairs, he took most of his stuff up there with him, but he left a few things in the desk/credenza. I moved my computer onto his desk, and used a couple of the drawers for my own. Now that he's selling the desk, I'm having to find new places for my stuff as well as his. I feel like I'm just shuffling things around. I have cards from my cardmaking, Sunday school literature and supplies, medical papers, homeschool materials - all of which I have to find new places for. It seems like a never-ending battle, but I will win it! LOL

My daughter and I took a walk to the library yesterday afternoon. I plan to walk again today, but I have to get something ready to mail first. Here in Canada (or at least where we live) the mail carriers don't pick up your mail at your door like they do in the US. You have to go to a post office or a mailbox on the street. Now, you'd think an apartment complex would have a mailbox located somewhere on its property, but we haven't found one in ours, so we end up walking to one of the boxes nearby. It's just a small inconvenience, but I do miss having the luxury of the mail being picked up from my mail box at the door! So . . . I have to mail something today, and I need to take a walk to mail it - that's good for my health!


Anonymous said...

Susan, what a great idea! I doubt though that Canadians will ever see such a service. But it would help protect our post office and preserve snail mail. I love receiving a hand written note - even if it's tucked in with a bunch of bills :(

Molly :)

Susan said...

Have Canadians ever had the mail pickup at the customer's mailbox? In the US, you put the letter you want to mail in the mailbox, and most mailboxes have a little flag that you raise to let the mail carrier know that there is something to pick up. Of course, there are also public mailboxes on street corners and at the post office. When we first moved here, I couldn't figure out how we were supposed to mail our letters from our home (we have a mail slot in the front door); we figured out pretty quick that you have to go find a mailbox! LOL

Anonymous said...

No mail pick-up unless you were on a rural route in the middle of nowhere. had to get your stamps in town at the Post Office. We are progressing though, in the past 10 years or so, you can buy stamps at authorized 'convenience' stores.

So much to learn from our friends and little time!

Have a great weekend - hope you see some sunshine!