Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just To Be Honest

This week hasn't started out very well with FLYing. I didn't feel really well yesterday - had a headache and very sleepy - but I still could have gotten a few things done. I just didn't. I lay down and slept instead. I've had some really wild sleeping patterns going on here lately. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon on that front. Maybe it's the weather - 4 weeks straight of rain and clouds. We almost broke the 53-year-old record for most consecutive days of rain (28), but missed it by one day. Now it's raining again! But that's life in the Lower Mainland of BC in the winter, eh?

Anyway, today I've at least gotten one load of laundry done. I'm getting ready to walk down to the library with my daughter now. Maybe when I get home I'll be more energized. I've just been such a slug the past couple of days!

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