Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Haven't Looked at Any Holiday Missions This Week

I still have my mail set to digest, and I don't like digging through the digest to get to what I want to read - I guess that shows that I should take myself over to Yahoo groups and change my delivery preferences, eh? LOL So anyway, I haven't looked at the holiday cleanup missions for yesterday and today. I have all our decorations boxed up, waiting for the lights to be packed up. That is my husband's job! He always strings the lights for me, and he takes them down so that they're the way he likes to find them the next year. So I have a mostly naked tree in my living room, wearing only lights. The chipping day for our area is sometime this week. You can take your tree to the designated area and have it chipped up for free. I think it's the 6th or 7th. Wes will probably take our tree and have it chipped.

Yesterday I took a day off from housework. That includes laundry and home blessings and zone work. I did make our bed and wipe down our bathroom, and our daughter wiped down the other two baths (one full bath and a powder room). She also washed our sheets and hers, but forgot to dry them. So we woke up today with much to do. I started with the laundry. That's the easiest thing for me to get started! I put a load in, and as I go into other parts of the house, I hear my washer humming away and I feel so organized! LOL Many times that comes to a screeching halt after the washer stops, but it's a good start, anyway. I did 3 loads today, one of them being a sweater that says to hand wash, but the last one I hand washed took 3 days to dry! So I put it in a mesh lingerie bag and washed it with just a tiny bit of detergent and fabric softener on the short, gentle cycle. So far, so good. I hope it won't fall apart on me the next time I wear it!

My home blessing for today was dusting. I enjoyed it, because as I went along, I was putting things back in order after the holidays. My regular decor is back out, and when I was finished it all looked so neat. I really love that feeling of everything in its place . . . so why don't I keep it that way all the time?

After I dusted, I wiped fingerprints off the wall in our entrance and going up the stairs. We have Bible study here every Wednesday night, and the custom in Canada is to take off your shoes when you go into someone's house. So our entry has a shoe rack for everyone's shoes, but I don't have a seat. Everyone leans against the wall to put their shoes on. Lots of fingerprints! I also teach a children's class upstairs, so guess what was going up the wall on the stairs? You guessed it - little people's fingerprints! The solution isn't to stop the fingerprints - it's to clean them off periodically. So many times after we clean we think, "If anybody messes this up, I'll kill 'em!" Really, that's not very practical, is it? Our homes are for us and our friends to enjoy, not to be a showplace of perfect decorating and spotless shine. That's been interesting to see in myself. Now that I know that it isn't hard to clean off a few fingerprints or sweep a floor or wipe up a spill (because the basics are done!), I've relaxed about messes. I used to be uptight because things were a mess. Then I was uptight because I had cleaned it and someone had messed it up. Now I'm coming into the stage that I realize the messes aren't hard to clean up, and I'm relaxing. And that's a good feeling!

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Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I think the Canadian practise of removing shoes in homes is really sensible. British people do not usually do this and tend to have dirty homes as a result.