Friday, January 13, 2006

The End of Another Week Already

Well, I'd say this was a fairly productive week. I did get my fridge cleaned out. It took 30 minutes or so, because it has this problem of water pooling up in the bottom, and I forget about it till it overflows and runs out in the floor. So I took apart the vegetable bins and got down there and cleaned that water up. It had a little mildew in it, so that was ick. That's the only word to describe it! It wasn't bad ick, just a little ick. Anyway, dh and I agree that this is a job for the maintenance guy, so a note will be going to the manager to have him drop by and see if he knows what's wrong with our fridge. I wiped down the walls of the fridge and got out all those little bottles of stuff like marinade that have just a bit left in them, but I've been overlooking them. So now my fridge looks good again.

The cabinet guy came by this week to measure for our new cabinet doors. Did I tell you we're getting new cabinet doors? I can't find a post about it on this blog, so you can read about it here. So the guy came today to measure, and he said it'll be 3 weeks till the doors are ready - they make custom cabinet doors. I was a little disappointed that it's still that long, but hey - new cabinet doors! Yay! And it was so nice to be able to let the man into my kitchen without being embarrassed.

I think those are the highlights of the week. I think next week's zone is the main bathroom. Mine needs work. I was noticing some things this week. Does anyone have a plan for keeping the tub clean? I know FlyLady says to wash it while you're in it, and I've tried that. It just doesn't flow for me, though. I need another plan.


Tammy said...

Susan, in one of our apartments, we had water dripping from the top of our refrigerator, and they replaced our refrigerator! Hope you get yours fixed/get a new one. I agree, you shouldn't have to deal with this!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I use Mr Clean magic does a great job on my old tub.