Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cleaning the Kitchen

Ok, I really didn't want to clean the stove today, but I made myself do it. I washed all the drip pans (I think that's what they're called - the little pans under the burners?) and put those little foil liners in them. Those don't catch everything, but enough to be a help and not let the pans get so awful-looking. I wiped down the stovetop and knobs and things too. The stove is sparkling again - except for the oven. I need to clean it terribly bad, but I just hate doing it. So for right now, I've put it off again. Tomorrow, tomorrow . . .

I did a little bit of decorating today too. Hung some pictures, moved a shelf or two, spiffied up a bit. My husband is wanting to sell his HUGE desk and credenza (actually, we need to sell it to free up some space). He couldn't get them up the stairs for his office in an upstairs bedroom, so they've been in a corner of the living room, where I kind of adopted them for myself. This evening, I have to begin cleaning out all the little cabinets and drawers on them and find places to put all my stuff. Sounds like a declutter mission, eh? So . . . I've been hanging up pictures that were sitting on the desk and things like that. It's looking pretty nice in here!

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