Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Bedroom as a Haven

When I was younger, and before FlyLady, I would pile everything in our bedroom. That was the catch-all room, because I could close the door and most likely no one would go in there while they were visiting our house. I'd gather up everything from other parts of the house that needed to be put away and put them in the bedroom. The rest of the house looked good, but that bedroom was packed full of stuff. The end result of piling all that clutter in the bedroom was that the bedroom was always cluttered and dusty and crowded. Not exactly a haven from the everyday duties I faced as a young wife and mother.

Now, since finding FlyLady, our bedroom still gets cluttery, but it's never more cluttered than 15 minutes' worth of putting away, most of the time not even that much. Our bed is made every morning, and I usually don't put anything on the bed during the day. Our room is at the top of the stairs, visible when you get to the landing. It's so calming to look in and see clear surfaces and a neat, smooth bed! The key to keeping it this way has been to put things away every morning: put dirty laundry in the hamper, hang up clothes that are still clean (it's easiest to do this as I get ready for bed, but I don't do it very often), throw away receipts and little papers that are on the dresser, and clear off hubby's change and stuff like that. Make the bed, swish and swipe the bathroom, turn off the lights and close the closet door - I'm done! Five minutes or so!

Another thing . . . I used to think I had to have beautiful bedding, matching furniture, carpet, drapes for our bedroom to look nice. I do have nice bedding now, thanks to a sale at Penney's, but none of our bedroom furniture matches and we don't have night stands. On my husband's side of the bed, we have a box covered with a tablecloth (that doesn't match the bedding!), and on my side is a lap writing desk. We have a 5-drawer chest and a hope chest in there - again, none of these pieces match! But our room is neat and orderly, and I hardly notice the lack of matched pieces - unless I get aggravated with that box and ugly tablecloth on Wes's side of the bed! LOL Keeping things neat goes a long way toward a room looking nice and comfortable!

I have far to go in my FLYing journey, but these little things, like having the bed made every day, go a long way toward making my day run smoother! Routines!

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