Monday, December 05, 2005

A Semi-Productive Day, I Guess

I got up today with the best of intentions to get a lot accomplished. It didn't work out that way, though! That's nothing unusual; it's usually the days that we plan to do more that something comes up.

I started out with exercise this morning - a good thing. The problem is, this is my week to not be at my best, and today was the worst of the bad days. So after struggling along for about 10 minutes, I gave up and cried. Yep. That's how bad it was! LOL At least I got that 10 minutes in!

After I showered and dressed I felt better emotionally, but still dragging around. Fixed breakfast. Put a load of sheets in the washer. Turned on the computer and found that my virus protection had expired. Called Wes down to fix it. Answered e-mail. Looked at my list of things to do today. Felt overwhelmed. Washed another load of clothes. You get the idea - slow moving! I finally decided to get some thank-you notes ready to mail, which took most of the morning, between loads of laundry and helping the kids with schoolwork and getting a small package ready to mail to a friend. But I got that one major task accomplished! We've officially thanked our friends and family for hosting us (although they don't know it yet!).

After lunch Wes and I ran to the post office and the library, and when I got home, I crashed on the couch till suppertime. I felt better after that, but my to-do list is still long! Praise the Lord for my children being trained to help! Because of them, the bathrooms and kitchen are clean, the sheets are all washed and back on the beds, and I'm still sane! I'm feeling better, but still feel kind of foggy. Tomorrow will be busy out of the house practicing for a Christmas play and doing some shopping. Sometime this week I'll get a family portrait session scheduled, clear my desk to take pics of it so we can try to sell it, finish our Christmas cards, decorate for Christmas, and visit a friend with a new baby! Do you ever have things to do that are important but not a part of the routine? That's exactly what this week is filled with! I think all of December will be like that. Stay tuned.

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